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Nov 30, 2020, 04:06 PM 291 read

🔥🔥 RisK Gaming Community Recruitment 🔥🔥

Hello All, I'm the leader of the RisK Gaming Community We are an open community and are recruiting now! - Casual players - Sweats/ Pubstompers - Streamers/ Content Creators We support a multitude of games and systems. Requirements: - Have and be active on Discord - Must be atleast 14+ years of age - Have a mic - Be a team player We have been out of the competitive scene for awhile but are looking to get back into it! Won 2 ESL tournaments on Rainbow 6 Cod Clan wars Diamond Division in Ghosts and AW - AW ranked 36th in the world - Ghosts ranked 66th in the world If you are interested in joining, I'll be posting the Discord Community invite link below ⬇️ We have reaction roles enabled and are at the bottom of our Rules channel. I hope to play with you all soon! 💪🔥

Elder Scrolls: General - 🔥🔥 RisK Gaming Community Recruitment  🔥🔥 image 2

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