What class should i use? I really like nightblade

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Hey guys!

Hey guys! I’m live on twitch and doing a giveaway for $20 card for psn Xbox or steam, your choice! Come stop by say hi and drop a follow!

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Serana not giving quest

Hey guys so i have a ptoblem. I obtainrd auriels bow but serana didnt give me the quest to kill harkon. Any reasons why?

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anyone want to play on ps4?

looking for people to quest and play with.

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Lol guys i was just going to fight alduin soon and i had to fight Dahkiriin for the first time. My brother was constantly telling me: youre about to get scrrwed and this is what happened: i approached dahkirin after killing the two dragons next to him, used the soul tear shout and he was practically dead already.

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Shadow while sneaking

Hey guys i have a question: my brother also plays skyrim and he is much better than me. When he sneaks he becomes a shadow. I asked him hoe he did that and he said he "became nocturnal". I googled what he said but couldnt find anything, help me please i really want to be able to do that.
Thanks is andvance :)

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Want ESO Twitch Drops? Check out all the different streams you can watch in March in order to earn some extra in-game goodies.

Don’t forget, Twitch Drops are only available for PC/Mac users, and you must link your account first in order to receive your rewards.

Watch streams at

Schedule: ESO Live: March 15, 6:00-7:00pm EDT

Bethesda MainStream: March 26, 2:00-4:00pm EDT

Bethesda Days: March 29, 6:30-7:30pm EDT & March 30, 3:30-4:30pm EDT


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I was getting tortured by glitches in the game and wrong indicators but finally.. It is here and it was worth it... Auriel's bow!

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I’m kinda excited for the necromancer. Anyone else?

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Anyone wanna kindly gift a poor person the murkmire dlc I want to be up to date in pvp 😓 of course this is merely me begging I don't wanna put anyone out for a game

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Poor as heck

When you never have the gold to make new builds your just like I wanna die

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When a villager comes up to you and says arrow to the knee

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Pickpocketing skill -5


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Blades <<<<<< Keeping a eons year old dragon alive.

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Quality Skyrim videos

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Some of you are okay

Don't go to the anvil chapel tomorrow.

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Dremora Logic


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Looking for trading guild on PS4.

I’ve got set items that I would love to start selling instead if deconstructing just to clear inventory. So if anyone would like to let me in their guild that would be great.


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All the Thistle

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Philberth War-Swift knows what’s best!

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Looking for a group on ps4 I’m a new player?

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Looking for guild members let me know if you want to join

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Elder Scrolls Online Plus will be Free for a Few Days

Elder Scrolls Online is a sweet MMORPG that moved away from mandatory subscriptions back in 2015. Since then, players who purchased the base game could always play for free but players who wanted to experience the DLCs needed to participate in the ESO Plus program. Starting today and running until February 12th, ESO Plus will be free to try for ESO players. Finally, us cheapos can see what we’ve been missing out on.
For the full story click here:
And to check out the rest of The Daily Moot click below:

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In the criminal justice system, vampiric based offenses are considered especially heinous.

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The Elder Scrolls - 11 - The Third Era #2

3E 249
Haymon Camoran, known as the Camoran Usurper, tried to overthrow the Third Empire with an army of necromancers and their undead subordinates. As the army marched up north, they managed to conquer all of Valenwood and a large portion of Cyrodiil and Hammerfell. Emperor Cephorus II, who had sent mercenaries to Hammerfell to make stop to such a usurpation, failed to cease Haymon's fierce horde of army. When the Camoran Usurper finally reached High Rock, the united forces of High Rocks began to form to ward off the threat. Battle of Firewaves, as many call it, ended with the defeat of Usurper, leaving his son; Mankar Camoran, who later founded the Order of the Mythic Dawn, behind.
3E 290
Failed to protect the land of Cyrodiil and with endless conflicts within the royal family, the Empire lost significant amount of its trust and influence over Tamriel. Uriel Spetim V, who ascended to the throne after Sephorus II, tried to invade a continent next to Tamriel, Akavir in attempt to earn back influence and expand his empire. Starting from 3E 271, he conquered islands between two continents one by one and finally invaded Akavir in 3E 288, where he was killed on the battlefield two years later only to pass on his throne to his son, Uriel VI.
3E 368 (The Elder Scrolls: Arena)
Emperor Uriel VII assumed the throne after the death of his father, Pelagius IV. With his outstanding political and military capability and righteous act, he was known to be one of the greatest emperors alongside Tiber Septim. In 3E 389, however, he started acting strange, as if he were to have become a different person all of a sudden. As a matter of fact, he had been kidnapped by a court wizard and his advisor, Jagar Tharn and was trapped in a realm of Oblivion at the time. Successfully impersonating the Emperor, the wicked sorcerer replaced all high-ranking personnel of the Empire, including General Talin Warhaft, and murdered Ria Silmane, one of his apprentices who tried to inform the Elder Council for his treason.
Ria Silmane, however, did not leave the domain of the living as she had bound her soul to the world using her magicka. When a prisoner(Player) was imprisoned by Jagar Tharn, she helped him or her escape and guided the way to defeat Jagar Tharn which was to collect all 8 pieces of the Staff of Chaos. After a long journey, He or she gathered all the pieces but lacked one last ornament, the Jewel of Fire. Even so, the prisoner successfully infiltrated the Imperial Palace, acquired the jewel and put an end to Jagar's tyranny in the end. Thankful for ending 10 years of Imperial Simulacrum, Uriel VII awarded the player and made him or her the Eternal Champion.
Did I keep you guys waiting? Sorry for skipping Monday😋




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Has anyone tried the multiplayer mod yet?

LV.2 Lurker a month ago

Help me pls

Why does my game crash when I try to do the take toryggs war horn to the Shrine of Talos for elixir like I'm walking to the location in my game just crashes to the home screen is it cuz I have certain mods installed or what

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Anyone play eso on pc?

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The Elder Scrolls - 10 - The Third Era #1

3E 0
With Numidium's power, Tiber Septim conquered the continent of Tamriel but started abusing the brass god for eliminating existing royal families to replace them with people who were loyal to Septim bloodline. Furious with the Emperor's vanity, Zurin Acrtus somehow resurrected as the Underking, a powerful undead lich, and sent Mantella off to Aetherius, making the giant golem, once again, useless.
3E 38
Although Tiber Septim lost a great deal of his force due to the loss of Numidium, he had ruled the Empire for another 38 years until he eventually passed away and was succeeded by his grandson, Pelagius in 3E 38. For 38 years of his reign in the Third Era, citizens of Tamriel had peacefully led their lives and worshiped him later on as the greatest ruler in history. As more and more people started to worship, the Imperial Cult began to form, regarding Talos as a divine presence. Henceforth, The Nine Divines was born as Talos, Hero-god of Mankind, was worshiped alongside other eight deities who were originally known as the Eight Divines.
3E 41
Pelagius Septim was assassinated by the Dark Brotherhood, and his cousin Kintyra Spetim succeeded the throne, ending the direct bloodline of Tiber Septim just in three years.
3E 121
The Septim Dynasty constantly suffered from inner conflicts in order to decide who gets to sit on the throne. When Kintyra Septim II was coronated as the Empress of Tamriel, her aunt Potema Septim claimed her to be a bastard, naming her son, Uriel, as the rightful ruler of the continent. This incident eventually led the War of the Red Diamond to break out. Uriel, who had ascended to the throne during the war with the help from his mother, was burnt alive by a mob after being captured by his uncle Cephoros Septim who took the throne afterwards.
3E 127
Devastated by the loss of her son, Potema Septim headed back to Solitude and began studying Daedric magic. For 10 years, she had tried to dethrone Cephoros to claim the Empire but her attempts ended in futile; and she later died in 3E 137. From the Wolf Queen, Book VIII, we know for a fact that Potema gave her necklace, charmed with a spirit of a werewolf, to her nephew Pelagius Septim III who later became the Emperor after Cephoros. Many assume the reason of his madness and death to be the necklace Potema had given him.




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