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šŸ“£ Black Money Challenge šŸ“£

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šŸ“£ Black Money Challenge šŸ“£ Ā  The Black Money is the place you can receive huge of gold, the more gold to get, the higher the difficulty. How long does it take from you per turn. Let us know your fastest record and receive the rewards. Ā  ā± Event Period: July 16 ~ July 22 , 23:59 (UTC +0) Ā  šŸ“œ How to Participate: ā–ø Leave your Black Money result screenshot at the comment section. ā–ø Users must also provide their 1) IGN, 2) GameID and 3) Server 4) Your screenshot Ā  šŸŽ All Participants will receive Fairy (1 day) x1, Silver Essence x15, and Sapphire x3,000, Food x3 ā–ø Lucky 5 winners will be randomly selected to receive Advance Hero Summon Ticket x5, Master Woohee Ticket x3, Premium Food x1 Ā  āˆ NOTE: ā–ø User can only participate 1 time only ā–ø Wrong information will be disqualified ā–ø Rewards will be sent 3 days after the event Ā  Like and Follow our page for the latest news and updates! #rpg #mobile #ios #android #FinalBlade

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