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📣 The Corrupted Priestess 📣

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📣 The Corrupted Priestess 📣   A great priestess, with powerful magic. One day, her power reaches the ear of Gyoje's emperor, he invited her to his palace and offered wealth and titles in exchange for her allegiance and she declined it. But the emperor sends his troops to destroy her village and now, the great priestess drown in her pain and hatred. She becomes corrupted priestess and bring revenge to the emperor. After her story, do you realize who is she ?   ⏱ Event Period: June 11 ~ June 17 , 23:59 (UTC +0)   📜 How to Participate: ▸ Leave your comment at the comment section. ▸ Users must also provide their 1) IGN, 2) GameID and 3) Server 4) Your answers   🎁 All Participants will receive Fairy (1 day) x1, Silver Essence x15, and Sapphire x3,000, Food x3 ▸ Lucky 5 winners will be randomly selected to receive Advance Hero Summon Ticket x5, Master Woohee Ticket x3, Premium Food x1   ❈ NOTE: ▸ User can only participate 1 time only ▸ Wrong information will be disqualified ▸ Rewards will be sent 3 days after the event   Like and Follow our page for the latest news and updates! #rpg #mobile #ios #android #FinalBlade

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