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Event: Slot Machine

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"Slot Machine event has Returned to Final Blade !! Get your slot Coin from Daily Mission and let roll for Free Item, Get Lucky and line your slot up for a Bonus Premium Reward." "Event Period : May 6 ~ May 20 23:59 (UTC +0)   Event Detail:" > Slot Coin can be used to roll for the reward in slot machine event > Slot Coin will be given to a player after finish Daily Mission > Slot Coin can be purchase for a total of 10 Coin per day > Set up your own Slot machine to receive Premium Reward " ㄴ There are 3 Slots in this event. Set up all 3 slots with a specific order will give you a premium reward ㄴ The First 3 item will automatically add to the first 3 slot ㄴ Player can freely manage your own slot to get a premium item" > Premium Bonus reward will be given after the event ends > Player can play the Slot Machine event until the event end. *** Player need to access the event menu after the event end to redeem Bonus Premium Reward > All reward will be sent directly to the mailbox

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