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Event: Capsule Event

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Surprise !! Suprise !!   The event that everyone is waiting for is here, Capsule Event is back for this week all the Premium reward is waiting for you to Claim !!   > Event Detail - Player can use both Gold coin and Silver coin to roll the Capsule Machine - Silver Coin can be receive from complete the Event Daily Mission - Gold Coin can be receive from purchase package and has a higher chance to drop better reward than Silver Coin - Capsule Bonus Gauge will increase everytime player roll the Capsule Machine (+1 for Silver Coin, +3 for Gold Coin) - When the Bonus Gague is full the next roll will give double amount of reward. - The Silver coin will disappear when the event ended.   > Event Period : December 8 ~ December 22 23:59 (UTC +0)

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