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Oct 28, 2021, 05:34 PM 575 read

Noah's 4th Anniversary Surprise


Ta-dah! Surprise!😜 To celebrate our 4th Anniversary, Noah has prepared a surprise! Come and get the Noah's 4th Anniversary Gift Box! Shh! There's a Mythical Accessory, [4th Year Anniversary Silver Fan], is in the gift box!   Gift Box contents: - 4th Year Anniversary Silver Fan - S Card x1 - SS Card x1 - SSS Card x1 - Glaring Soulstone x15 - Blue Gem x500 - Gold x500,000   ▪️Availability of Gift Box: – 11/21 23:59(UTC)   ▪️Notes: - During the period above, one gift box per an account will be given via mail. - All the 4th Anniversary Gift Box will be deleted from the mailbox on 11/21 23:59(UTC).   - Information of 4th Year Anniversary Silver Fan * The number of additional options increases by upgrades. * The item can't be promoted, but can be upgraded.

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