[GM] Purin LV.15 GameManager
Aug 12, 2021, 05:03 PM 403 read



Greetings, Adventurers! We would like to give you news about the new events that will be starting today!     🎉Event 1. Noah's Blessing!

Dragon Chronicles: Event - NEW EVENTS!!  image 2

  The "Noah's Blessing" buff will be activated during the event period!   - Soulstone Drop 100% UP! - EXP 50% UP! - Gold Gain 50% UP! - Equipment Drop 50% UP!   🎉Event 2. Collect Noah's Gift Coupons!

Dragon Chronicles: Event - NEW EVENTS!!  image 4

  Collect the "Noah's Gift Coupons" spread throughout the world dungeon, Exchange them for various rewards!   * You may check the exchangeable rewards in the [Inventory -> Mix]!   Along with these events, various other events are starting! Please stay tuned!   Wishing you the Best, GM Purin

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