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Jul 1, 2021, 01:35 PM 211 read

Yay~ Summer is here!!☀🍹😎

Dragon Chronicles: Event - Yay~ Summer is here!!☀🍹😎 image 1

Yay~ Summer is here!!☀🍹😎   As the weather is getting hot, Kerkin Beach🏖 is filled up with people! Unfortunately, it’s also filling up with garbage😭 due to the crowds.   Adventurers, please help us maintain the beauty of Kerkin Beach!🆘😮   Enter the [Special Dungeon: Kerkin Beach] and complete the missions to win a summer special card [Beach Hillen] until 7/14 23:59(UTC)! 🤩   Do not miss this chance to win the special card! ;)   Log in now and check them out!

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