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🎉Event. Guess the Silhouette Cards!


🎉Event. Guess the Silhouette Cards!  

Dragon Chronicles: Event - 🎉Event. Guess the Silhouette Cards! image 2

    Greetings, Adventurers!   Try to reveal the mysterious identity hidden behind the dark silhouette! Look at the the silhouette of 2 cards🧐 and try to name the cards in the comment. .….〆(・ω・。)   A reward, 50 Blue Gems, will be given to Adventurers who correctly identify the name of 2 cards.🤩   [Period⏳] Util 6/14 23:59 (UTC)   [Reward🎁] Blue Gem x50   [Note] - Please leave a comment with your guess of three cards including Adventurer name. ex) aaa, bbb, ccc / IGN: abcd - Without the 'exact' Adventurer name, the rewards cannot be sent. (Case-sensitive and emoji) - You can participate once per one Facebook account. (If you leave more than one comment, the latest one will be counted.)

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