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Feb 18, 2021, 04:01 PM 233 read

🎉Event. Show Us Your Training!

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  🎉Event. Show Us Your Training!   Adventurers' Pub just opened the new content, Training Ground! In the 'Training ground' try to give most damage to Monster cards within 30 turns by your own strategies and card combination!   Show us your training and your card deck by taking a screenshot and post it on a comment to win 200 Blue Gems! ! ヽ(。ゝ∀・)☆・゚:*☆   ▪️Period: Until 3/1 23:59 (UTC)   ▪️How: - Take a screenshot in the Training Ground: show us your training ground card decks! - Then, leave your Adventurer name with the screenshot on this post! ….〆(・ω・。)   ▪️Rewards: - Blue Gem x200 .。゚+.ヽ| ゝ∀・*|ノ。+.゚   ▪️Notes: - The rewards will be only given when the screenshot is taken by the participant. - Without the 'exact' Adventurer name, the rewards cannot be sent. (Case-sensitive and emoji) EX) IGN : Adventurer - You can participate once per one Facebook account. (If you leave more than one comment, the latest one will be counted.)

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  • [GM] Purin LV.15 GameManager Mar 2, 2021, 02:50 PM

    Greetings Adventurer!
    The event time is up! Thank you all for the participation in the event!
    The reward will be distributed soon!!!