JellyLia LV.21 S
Aug 18, 2021, 11:42 PM 169 read

IGN : JellyLia

[Closed] Memory of 4th Anniversary

hello ~ its been a while since i posted something here HAHAHA anywaysss Erm the event that i really want MSB to bring back again is "Find the hidden stuffs in a picture" . I think that event was my very first event i joined after i played MSB for few weeks 😚 I also got a 2021 lucky tile pt as a reward after finding all the hidden stuffs in the picture which was,, my second pt ? hehe so it was really a memorable event for me 🥺 i hope MSB can bring back this event as it really helps those players who are not so lucky to get pts in lucky boxes like me 👀 or those players who are broke to spin lucky boxes,, also like me 👀 alsooo Happy 4th Anniversary MSB !! ❤️

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