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[Closed] Memory of 4th Anniversary

Happy 4th Anniversary to the My Secret Bistro Staff & players 🥳🪅🎉!!! I still remembered how I got introduced to the game. In 2018(delm I've been playing for about 2-3 years🤔), I was a newly late transfered student in a school and was shy and intimidated to make friends because everyone already had their cliques. My classmates approached me & they introduced me to My Secret Bistro. Through this game, me and my classmates have bonded and gotten close, I'm glad to say that we are currently best friends 🥰. Seeing how much this game has evolved & progressed made me really proud and happy at how much effort was put into this game. From events back to back to implementing pets & guilds! This game has evolved a lot!😲 The most memorable memories/events to me was the 1st ever cooking a msb dish(didn't expect to be selected 🙈) & completing the Alice in Wonderland task(Because I'm obsessed with it). I've never cashed on a game & honestly My Secret Bistro is the 1st game I've ever cashed 💸(because you guys really did a good job to tempt me 🤑). I am currently studying Game Design and have admired and used MSB as an inspiration to me. I loved the mechanics as well as beautiful designs made in this game 🤩👍. Happy 4th Anniversary MSB!!! I hope this game will be running in a long run and I appreciate the new friends I've made(both virtual & real life) ❤. ✏I did a small art as a gift to MSB 👇🌟

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