ameheart LV.5 Lurker
May 7, 2021, 02:11 AM 98 read

LF Mutual Friends

- Friend's Request

Edit: I'm always open for new friend requests no matter how old this post is :) --‐---------------------------------- Hello! I'm looking for more mutual friends (๑•w•๑)/ ♡ All PT are free to apply ♡ All explorer staff are free and you can take them wherever. (It's okay if you fail to use them). ♡ I occassionally post locked items in the market that are up for grabs. You can buy as many as you like. (Password is in my guestbook). ID: ameheart Please leave a message request in the guestbook to be mutually added. Thank you for your consideration. ヾ(。・ω・)シ

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