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Useful Tips for My Secret Bistro! Happy New Year 2022~

- Strategies & Tips

Here are some strategies & tips I found useful while playing My Secret Bistro! I hope this can help some players out! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ < Making Friends & Mutual > Section 1 I suggest knowing at least two languages when playing games with players from around the world. If you only know one language that is completely fine Some common languages include: English, Indonesian, Korean, Chinese, Japanese, & Spanish. Knowing more languages will help you make more friends & communicate with more players! Mutual: You might see players put in their quote 1st floor mutual only or SS staff only for mutual Unless you are mutual avoid applying for part time and asking for staff that are reserved for their mutual friends (explained in section 3) To check if you are mutual their will be two small people with a heart in the middle/top on the right corner of their profile picture. Right across the potion icon. If there is nothing than you are not mutual meaning they did not add you as a friend If you are not mutual with them you will be considered their follower. The person can choose to add you as a friend (making both of you mutual) or keeping you as their follower. (You can view all your friends in the Friends section on the bottom left corner) < Medals > Section 2 Don't make the same mistake as me thinking upgrading recipes are a waste of coins. Upgrading recipes gives you 1 ruby (2 rubies if recipe is level 28+), medals (for ranking) & more exp to level up when you cook the dish < Part Time or Staff > Section 3 Read Quotes & Manage lists!!! It is VERY important to read those because some Part time jobs and staff are reserved from mutual (explained in Section 1) or exchange partners (explained in Section 4). If you do apply or ask wrong staff YOU CAN GET BLOCKED Quotes will be on the top left corner (when you visit them) their will be a speech bubble with a "..." click on it to view quote. quotes can be changed WHENEVER so whenever you decide to apply for part time jobs or ask for staff check their quotes to make sure you don't get it wrong. IF their quote says something or ANYTHING like "read my Manage list" or "check my Manage before apply" Than you should do it 😳. Manage list can be found at the bottom of the screen at your friends bistro. To view what they wrote tap on the speech bubble with "..." in it and READ IT. You can also write your in your quote/manage list. I recommend applying for Part Time jobs under 1 Million If they do not state part time rules & ask for S staff or A, B, C, D Staff: Staffs have 6 ranks. SS, S, A, B, C, and D (written from best to least best). SS are the best staffs and D is the least best (but great for beginners). You get an C & D Staff when you first begin (I think everyone knows). I remember myself thinking I could get a really good staff from the staff draw when I first started but your first staffs will always be Tommy & Albert. < Exchange > Section 4 Players often Exchange Part Time/Staffs they are called exchange partners. Letters are sent to the exchange partner you will see the picture with a red outline and an "ASKING" at the bottom or the exchange partner has to come apply for the Part Time. Staffs that are reserved for mutual friends or exchange partners are usually NAMED some examples of reserved staff names: ❌(exchange partners name)❌ or Mutual only < Trading Ratios > Section 5 Learning trade ratios is a great way to increase your profits. I see crazy ratios that are VERY UNFAIR. You can learn trade ratios by checking trade posts in Moot. They are usually in the "open form" section. I tried to keep this as short as possible so you won't get bored 😂 Hopefully this can help new players out! Happy New Year! 🌟🎉🎊

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