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5. Order Request

- Beginner's Guide
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Hey, I'm Evan, wandering the world in search of the best restaurant. I've come this far to ask you a special favor, Chef. Today, I'll tell you how to complete Order Request!   Order Requests can be accepted from [ORDER] on the right side of the screen or from the Order Request Board next to Evan.   There is a time limit from the time you've opened Order Request.   You'll receive rewards if you've sent the ship for departure with all the requested items from the client packed within the time limit.   So, everything seems to be wrapped up now... Still have insufficient items? Don't worry!   Follow these ways when you don't have enough items to complete Order Request!   1) Get the items you need from a friend's Market Stand or Market News. 2) Request your friends for items you need.   Your friend can help you supplying the requested items on Order Request at my restaurant!   You can also help your friend's Order Request by visiting your friend's restaurant.   You can randomly get either Normal/Special Recruit Ticket when you help your friend’s Order Request. You can use the collected tickets to draw staff(s).   Don’t forget to say thank you on your friend’s Guestbook who has helped completing your Order Request!   You’ll earn Order Sheet Points (PT) when you complete your Order Request. You can purchase items from Point Mall.   Note: items at Point Mall will be switched to different ones in 12 hours. So, get the item you want before it’s gone!   Hope you got some ideas from my explanation about Order Request.   "Don't hesitate to ask me anytime you need my help!" – Evan  

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