Jackie(3) LV.5 Lurker
Nov 10, 2022, 05:15 AM 75 read

Future Trades

● Open Forum

IGN: Jackie3 Message me in game.   I will set up myself but maybe I will try something different just a for a little bit. -Request the collection you want (might be able to alter but depends) -For request: my collection trade for your gmats/nmats too   Buy 5 diamonds (1 billion):   Snow White collection 1 set: *chocolate *purple rain grove *night crepe *rainbow flash *lucky 7 skewer *apples *purple celery *black rice *noble clam *seven meat *keys   Red Riding Hood collection 1 set: *Parapara gratin *pasta orizzonte *black pearl gelato *delicieux desoli *kingrowquat puree *kingrowquat *neo aspa *sky wheat *royal pearl *golden goose *bindle   Oz collection 1 set: *Walnut cream cake *steamed oil crab *silk bacon roll *dragon's breath *cream bean stew *pink dragon *cream bean *gold walnut *oil crab *silk bacon *boots   Alice collection 1 set: *emerald ragoon *humpty dumpty *taiyang mei pudding *study-in-pink *new heart macaroni *taiyang mei *rose onion *heart macaroni *flower coral *egg ham *glasses   Peter Pan collection 1 set: *red flame stew *tropical tiger *star custard cream roll *magic fondue *devil may fry *cherry moya *shine okra *magic bread *silver squid *flame deer *helm

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