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Mar 25, 2022, 11:26 AM 205 read


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Hi it's been almost 12 hours since I can't enter the game at all now, I've been trying all day to login but can't, and I can also see that an extortionate amount of player's have the same issues too. I just wanted to know if any of those player's can now log in?? Or is it just me who still can't 😕 or can nobody enter or play the game at all?? Also sorry to all my bistro buddies for the burnt out letter's and for letter's that I can't send as I can't login😑 This time I really hope that the compensation for this unforseen frustrating breakdown is more than satisfactory where we all receive adequate letter's instead of unnecessary items, as well as 60 gifts each for patting pets as we can't do that and would have done that if we could play as normal. Also to void taking our rubies for daily login when clicking on the calendar for monthly login reward to catch up for missed days, and also conveying to us our rewards for 3X Ads watching to claim rubies and 3X Ads watching for free lucky box for the day so in theory if another day goes by and we still can't enter the game? then we should all be entitled to 6X Ads watching for rubies and 6X Ads watching for free lucky box and so on. So basically we get back our accumulated rewards for each day the game is down until it is fixed... So please fix the game for everyone, upon every update the game's performance gets worse and worse resulting to many player's leaving because they can't play etc Also this is valid proof now that the initial problems is all down to the game and game's server and nothing to do with our networks like we have been told for few year's now... and if this was addressed from back then to fix ongoing regular issues I believe it would not have come to this now~A total shutdown.

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  • Lizzzye LV.21 Supersonic Mar 25, 2022, 11:41 AM

    I honestly got sick of this probl and went back to play the old game I used to. I LOVE COFFEE, The developers of it started to take care of it and the design, rewards, prizes and events are more exciting now. Every new month there's a new theme were players can get their cafes decorated beautifully, play bingo earn lucky boxes and get help from other players who visit you and leave a reward after each visit.

  • SunBlittzz LV.20 Supersonic Mar 25, 2022, 11:50 AM

    Hey Buddy ☺ I know it's becoming a nightmare now... nothing gets fixed... I thought after 12 hour's I might be able to login and there will be a Notice from Manager Benny but there's nothing 😑 So that means you haven't been able to login either 😕 Yes I've heard of that game.. but haven't played it.. it sounds great already. .. I think I might have to check it out and download it.... especially if we can't play MSB anymore ~Thank you for the new game advice ~I like it lol 😉😉💖