SunBlittzz LV.20 Supersonic
Mar 5, 2022, 12:05 AM 106 read

Lett~Us have more Letters ✉📨📩

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I have not been able to enter the game properly until now since a day ago. The game is still slow and laggy. I appreciate the rubies as part compensation, however instead of twigs and alloys and delivery tickets? which are non needed and easily attained ~ we need letters more urgently as letters got burnt due to no one's fault but the game breakdown, and we have fallen behind on sending letters for almost 2 days now for some players.I wasn't able to clean any kitchens and tap pets to gain some letters that way, so now I'm short on letters as next to nothing and struggling to send letters out to my partner's. Even 50 letters or more would be beneficial and compensate for our loss of letters due to the game breakdown 😔 I hope you can do something for us please Benny ~Thankyou💖

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