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credibility source: 1Billion = 50NMAT / 15GMAT [✓] mix stock: NMAT: ≈ 1200/1200/1200 GMAT: ≈ 600/600/600 note; if somebody already bought my diamond you can leave me a message how much you want to buy and which nmat/gmat, also provide the specific numbers of mat u want. ~ example: "hi, i want to buy 3B of NMAT 50paint, 30mithril, 70spruce" this is to avoid prolonging our transaction and to save each others time. also i dont open my sub account often so direct pm me on my mainID QMARCELINE. please return my diamonds in "lowest price" thx 😘 ign QMARCELINE #trusted by TOP PLAYERS THANK YOU ALL 🥳

My Secret Bistro: ● Open Forum - SELLING NMAT/GMAT ign QMARCELINE(main) & LEMONEARL(sub) image 2

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