57LISA LV.17 Sage
Jan 27, 2022, 12:27 AM 240 read


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I want to give the players a request for the desired item. Several items available. 80 pcs fire = ❗1 person only 10 pcs❗ Any Ingre Dorothy : ❗1 person only 1 or 2 sets ok❗ Tools keys : ❗1 person only 1 set❗ # 1 person rule: 2 requests only # • Only for the fastest 8 people. • If it is in accordance with the quota it will be closed • Only Main Account not Sub Account After sending out your message, request your request along with the passwords sent out. Taking too long to pick up an item would be charred without notice. ❗Not for friends I've blocked or who blocked me❗. Please dm me only on msb. Thank You. ID: 57LISA

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