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Wow, so much hate right here huh? Let's be clear, what we did is fucking common in market trades; it is the basic fucking law of "SUPPLY and DEMAND" you illiterate people don't understand and keep yapping why there's inflation and why the "rates" are too high. GET EDUCATED 👏👏👏this is the perfect time. also, as i said so many times, a friendly advise for y'all who can't afford CLOSE YOUR MF EYES or wait for the market to deflate. We didn't force anyone to buy from us, if anyone will say to me that my item is a bit too much for them i always "recommend to buy from other sellers" i SOLD 20K pcs FAIRY BRANCH & 8k pcs MAGIC ALLOY and none of my buyers(people who bought my items) complain nor say awful things towards me, they chose to buy bcos first of all they CAN afford it and they are "WILLING" to spend. note this, "NONE" of our costumers complain to us yet here y'all are ENVIOUS FELLOW SELLERS, oh, why did i say "fellow" cos y'all mfs attacking us bcos of our rates yet y'all copy our prices too. 50/1B NM / 15/1B GM, 10CANDIES = 1sFB, 20CANDIES = 1sALLOY. Y'all HYPOCRITES sell with the same rates like US. I saw a lot of player who commented on "doyoubobo" post who sells with the same rate. Fake bitches playing "saints" how HYPOCRITE y'all can get? 🤦‍♀️ I can name all of you but i won't do that bcos i have the "DECENCY" not to expose y'all IGN. Speaking of, really? @doyoubobo playing dirty? exposing my friend's IGN? that is so foul play. what are the rights you have to do that? we did nothing wrong. Y'all are just being BITTER on us, be careful, envy is a deadly disease. I will give you 24hrs to delete that photo cos im telling you bitch, you're messing with the wrong person. Goodjob👍 hiding behind a dummy account BUT note this, i HAVE the money to do WHATEVER i want. Karma is me bitch, no matter how long it may take i will find my way to you. If you can't read between the lines, GOODLUCK! 😊 F U ALL, Lilalala!~

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  • NO NAME verified Jan 16, 2022, 10:26 AM

    ive seen so much negativity coming from the OG post and people in comment section supporting the author and spreading the negativity while they themselves are also part of the "greedy sellers" #STOPTHEHATE

  • gamer712214239 LV.10 Nomad Jan 16, 2022, 10:45 AM

    FAKE BITCHES. i am so done with this petty issue, i am ignoring them, i let them enjoy their pityparty but they did MY FRIEND wrong and that's what i will not tolerate. i honestly dont give a fuck about the market issue anymore bcos WE WON OVER THE MARKET alrdy but these petty players crossed a line they shouldn't have.