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Jul 16, 2021, 03:55 PM 127 read

LF Guild member

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Hello everyone, If you're not a member in any guild yet and would like to join one, why don't you consider joining our English-based guild >> Soda (currently still LV 6) All you need to do is simple: - Donate food (min. 1k daily OR every two days) - Donate coins (as possible as you can) - Donate gems (optional) Would be better if you have min. 700 medals, cuz it takes time and effort to upgrade a guild to reach certain level. As the guild grows, we can enjoy the advantages together (such as guild PT, and many more). So I hope for whoever read this post and get interested, you can go ahead search "Soda" in guild list and apply to it. I will accept your request. Thanks! Here is my ign: LoafX

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  • LoafX LV.13 Join my group! Jul 21, 2021, 05:08 PM

    still looking for members. join us~