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(´。• ᵕ •。`) ♡ Secret Bistro Guide - Everything You Need To Know


**I recommend bookmarking this guide to find it easier** If you have more questions that are not covered here PLEASE LET ME KNOW so I can add if needed. I will do my best to help!   🌺 [Newest Edit] 🌺 Oct 8 2018 - added Vampire Coffin to [4A]   Hello! Niatcha here, I apologize with the random words being cut apart and bad spacing, but that's the formatting from the website. I've made a table of contents with [#A] so you can ctrl + F it and jump to where you wanna go! Leave me a message in game if you have any questions / extra info! If I don't reply just ask again because your message might have gotten buried. I don't browse forums as much anymore due to toxicity. Thanks everyone! (´。• ᵕ •。`) ♡   ⭐⭐⭐ GENERAL TIPS: READ PEOPLE'S TODAY'S QUOTE AND MESSAGE LIST!!!!!!!! Do not use people's SS staff for potions.. it makes us sad. Please please please use spice gems on spice expeditions. Let people know if you're quitting the game or going to be busy if you're exchanging PT. Check time zones if you don't have letters and can't catch either on to apply. ⭐⭐⭐   Table of Contents.   [0A] Attendance and Chef - your character [0B] Restaurant and Pink/Yellow Bells, Market [0C] Part Time (PT) [0D] Consumables (EXP Coupon, Time Saving Potion, Glittering Pot, Energy) [1A] Staff [1B] Expeditions [1C] Ship Orders and Point mall [2A] Gems and Rings [3A] Storage management [4A] What to spend x on? rubies, coins, tickets, etc [4B] VIP [5A] How to get flame , fairy branch, and special tickets? + Importance of Themes [5B] Tickets - blue, yellow, pink [6A] Friend Management (mutuals, recommendations, gifting) [7A] Ranking and why it is important (ALSO WAY TO GET RUBIES) [8A] I need something but I can't find!! [9A] Cooking / Ingredients [10A] Quests [11A] Events [12A] Network Error / Account Recovery [changelog] updates. ========================================================================== [0A] Attendance and Chef - your character   ~Attendance~   The moment you log in the first time every day, a pop up will appear and you automatically "check-in" If you want to check your progress, click that sign next to Corey (place where you put up your own things for sale - there is a big 'SALE' sign).   How do I know if I miss a day? You will see a 'TOUCH' icon and you can make up for lost days with rubies. It changes the 1st of every month, and you can see that there are 28 days. This allows you to miss a few and still get the monthly reward.     How come I got the monthly reward and no more attendance bonus? You completed the 28 days early! Congrats! Now you have to wait for the 1st of every month for the new calendar.   ~Chef~   Dressing it up - Event items are best in slot. They give the most but cost rubies. The 2nd best costs hearts and come very close!   As you level up, you unlock more items to dress your chef in. These all go to helping energy management.   Training - You cannot hit the "train" button until that pink bar is full. You also need enough coin, energy, and hearts (indicated at the top) - Research - You will be able to get all Legend eventually, so don't fret! This also needs coins, energy, and hearts as well as 1 more thing. A little paper icon which are Skill Points < you receive this from training.   How to level up? - Cook quality dishes! You also get exp from tapping someone else's chef and when someone taps yours   Why train chef / level quality dishes?? - You get skill points - skill points can increase money gained from quality recipes and decrease their cooking time! - researching also unlocks titles   *Culinary Research Level 1: 5% more Coins for packing Order Request *Culinary Research Level 2: 5% increase in EXP for packing Order Request *Culinary Research Level 3: 5% increase in EXP for making the dish *Culinary Research Level 4: 5% more Coins for packing Order Request *Culinary Research Level 5: 5% reduction in cooking time of the dish   ========================================================================== [0B] Restaurant   Decoration - make sure path is not blocked! If you see '!' that means chef can not get to cookers, or customers cannot get to tables/chairs etc.   That paintbrush with lvl indicates your beauty level (beneath your exp bar on the top next to picture). The higher your beauty level, the more often customers will come to your restaurant!   How to decorate? I recommend completing each theme for rewards -see [5A]- otherwise decorate how you like! Try to make sure the cashier is visible because that is where people will click on your BELL to ring! If it is hidden behind something like a PT, people might not click it!   What is 'quality dish'? After certain progress through story, you will receive a "benny cooker" from quest. It will be in your storage and you have to place it in your restaurant. You will be able to cook 'quality dishes' for your ships!   Keep these things in mind as you decorate ^.^   EXPANSION - You will get as you level up! It does get incremently more expensive.. if you have rubies to spend this is one of the places where it is worth it. Especially if they come out with the expansion sale again!   2F and 3F come after 1F is 18x18     COOKERS You will unlock more as you level up, both for normal and quality cookers. 10 cookers is the max for both.   RECIPES Upgrade to get rubies!! You will also have an option later on to Learn a special recipe for certain dishes, this costs rubies. But it will give you a batch of 200 in 1 hour which makes things like tri-pizza a lot easier to deal with.   ~Bells~   If someone is 20 or more levels below yours, you'll see a Pink Bell! You can receive additional Hearts through Pink Bells and these do not count towards Golden Bells. However, you'll see Golden Bell icon if you use up all the pink ones! If you do not see a ring the bell icon, they have 6 people already that rang their bell and have yet to use it. Might be on cooldown or they are not online so just wait for them to ring their bell!   You can see the Pink Bell icon on your friend's profile picture from friend's list and can find Pink Bell on cash register when you visit their restaurant.   *Daily Limitation - Golden Bell: 20 times, Pink Bell: 10 times     Market - If you click on the blue icon outside restaurant, it'll take you to the market. This refreshes every minute. Npc sales things for cheap so I recommend always buying here (resets separately). - To sell things, click on the SALE stall next to the blue market news, or click on the "trade" option on the right column. Buying additional slots will allow 1 extra 'count' per day per slot you buy. E.g. you start out with 20 chances to sell items per day, if you buy 3 slots, you then get 23 chances to sell per day instead. [credits Fraisier] ========================================================================== [0C] Part Time (PT)   What is PT? PT is part time - jobs where you can work or give work out. You know sometimes you visit someone's restaurant you see "Help" icon? That is PT.   How to get PT? Cat - receive from level up Bookcase, Telephone, Movable shops, and Balloon Roulettes are from the shop - unlocked as you level up. Check Ali for the ones buildable using spruce, magic paint, and mithril.   Ones that are not listed here or seen in Ali's shop are either available through event coin or rotating lucky boxes.   ** To know if "help" is available, when you go to the furniture shop and go to "income decor", you will see a picture of a person and "HELP". That indicates that income decor has PT available ^.^ You can put down up to a max of 130 Income Decor (Includes both PT and not PT)   How to get a job? You can look around other people's bistro for that "help" icon. Higher level players will have more jobs, so the higher your chances! Make sure to READ THEIR QUOTE / MESSAGE FIRST otherwise you may get blocked/declined if you just apply without looking. Some are reserved! Some high levels have a lot of stuff, so you might have to zoom in to see any hidden free PT!     To see message, click on the "MANAGE" button on the bottom. then look for the "..." button at the top near the word "Management". Some people write here if they have rules for PT.   If you exchange PT, you can get double the money because you get from yours + theirs. So PT is worth saving! Plus it brings people to your bistro.   If someone wants to exchange PT with you, check if it's permanent. I've had people say exchange then just give it to someone else the next day. You also want to see if they'll be on often to accept/apply if they do not have letters. Some people use Line, wechat, whatsapp too!   Do I have to exchange same PT for same PT? Just ask! Some people are fine with close income, some people want the exact same PT for PT, and some are nice and don't mind less coin!   Why do people set rules for PT? - Well, a lot of people need coins for expansion or decorations they like. It's just practical to look for exchange. Don't get angry at them just because they want to reserve some PT. It's their restaurant = their rules.   When a friend/follower helps with part time on your income decor: - Production Time is shortened by 40% - Rewards increase by 120%   When you apply to someone else's PT: - You get 80% of production reward upon completion - 20 applications / day * you cannot apply to more than one per bistro   **As a courtesy to other players, if you have PT that are reserved, please state so in your today's quote**   Letters are only obtainable through rubies or rewards from event box. These are used to "ask" friends and in a way reserve the PT for them. However, they are very limited.   ~ Special PT ~ Credits: Ryuuoh - Lounge, Spring Picnic Mat, Luxury Store, and Mini Photo Studio - (have "UP!" on top right corner) means these are upgradeable - ALL ingredients (from exploration, check your 'ingredient' tab) go into upgrading these EXCEPT potions - each stage requires more and more ingredients, and more coins. - these take a while to upgrade, but give a lot of rewards once it's maxed. - higher level ingredients give more exp, so you need less of them compared to lower lvl ones (e.g. 1 Mei nutmeg gives 104 exp compared to 1 white apple gives only 10 exp) coins however are based on experience of ingredients given.   ~ Couple PT ~ - look for "cu" in a heart icon top right - these are NOT upgradeable, and the ONLY ones you can assign someone for free at the moment - you can assign a friend so no one else can work on these PT, and you can change the assigned friend before the PT starts - once you assign a friend, they will continue to be your 'partner' until you change it. - you can NOT change partners when you are about to receive the reward in less than 1 hour - there will not be a notification when PT is done, so please message your friend to let them know! - ⭐⭐⭐SPECIAL NOTE ABOUT COUPLE PT you can do it even if you already work at their place     For info on buildable PT (from Ali's store) see [4A] ========================================================================== [0D] Consumables (EXP Coupon, Time Saving Potion, Glittering Pot, Energy)     EXP Coupon - to use, go to storage -> consumables tab, and use! These give immediate overall exp. This exp is not for your chef training.   Time Saving Potion - 1 potion cuts cooking time by 1 hour. To use, go to cooker, hit the green "Cut" button to use!   Glittering Pot - to use, go to storage -> consumables tab, and use! Gived a random shining gem for your staff   Energy(#) - to use, go to storage -> consumables tab, and use! Gives # amount of energy immediately.   ==========================================================================   [1A] Staff   You want to put your highest staff in expeditions. That way you can get the most ingredients! If you borrow someone's staff, check if they are reserved by reading the quote or checking name of the server. SS staff have special traits (press that little grey 'i' under the name to check!). E.g. SS wizard "EP 3. Quality Ingr. +10%" so use wizard in chapter 3 (Dorothy island). SS Mikael gives a LOT of ingredients + quality mats increase so use him in your HIGHEST expedition available! Also, each staff can carry gems.. see next section! SS Beelzebub gives extra event coin!   **SS Event Staff details** ~Trip~ Mikael: +50% ingredients (as opposed to 25% compared to regular ss) Beelzebub: +10% ingredients, event coin bonus Arisha: reduces expedition time by 5% Kate: +10% ingredients, upgrade ingredient increase (magic alloy, fairy branch)   Jooyeon Park: +35% ingredients, quality ingr. expert   ~Store~ Tuwane: +10 seconds to party time Sullivan: +10 seconds to party time ** Sullivan has +30% ingredients as well** Evaturiche: +30 max energy Golden Angel: +50% cashier coins < PLACE IN CASHIER SLOT to get bonus! - credits Midnight     ~Upgrading staff~ B-D stay B-D - You can NOT upgrade these 1% = 10 000 coins regardless of the server's grade [credits: NIke] Example: If you use D staff, you get 1% exp and it costs 10 000 coins, whereas if you use A staff, you get 4% exp and it costs 40 000 coins.   You want to invest in S + A to eventually get SS staff. If you need help with getting flames, jump to [5A].   Do I get more slots for trips? Yes! You will be able to buy with coins as you progress through story / level up. Don't forget you can borrow staff from your friends!! (10x / day, once per friend)

additional picture guide     ========================================================================== [1B] Expeditions     POTIONS - To see friend's colour, check friends - potion icon bottom left of their picture - To see your own, go to world map first island (using maps) and put in staff. You will see the circle around one of the potions fill out more. That is the one you will get the most!   How to place more staff per expedition trip? You have to upgrade the dishes for the npc of the area / do story quest. If you go to the NPC tab, click on one of them, it will tell you what dish to upgrade! Max is lvl 17 dish     Staff Placement PUT YOUR HIGHEST RANK IN TRIP!! This will increase the chance of ingredients and materials! Put your lowest rank staff in store.   MORE OR LESS? If you have lots of high rank staff, do more expeditions! If you struggle with ingredients, put all your high ones in 1 trip and do less expeditions.   Group affinity comes from hearts you get from the chapter NPCs combined. E.g. Snow white would be hearts from Snow White, Queen, Prince, Dwarf, and Mirror. As you level group affinity up, it will also allow you to put more servers / unlock more expedition areas on that island!   Expedition tools are received from the NPCs from that chapter when you provide them drinks. Please note that it is not 100% guaranteed, higher level drinks increase the chance of expedition tool dropping. Keys will drop from Snow white NPCs, bundles from Little red riding hood, and so on.     How to know which gems I need? (Click on each ingredient and it will show what it is) E.g. Noble clam is shown that it is seafood, Neo Aspa is vegetables, and so on) Check [2A] for more info on gems/rings.   How to unlock Mirror? (spice quests) Best info I can give you is just to keep doing your story quests and any quest that doesn't have a timer on it. The timer and letter D is to mark daily and does not progress to unlocking things.   "We can not provide detail guides for the whole quest.   We believe that you'll miss out on the pleasure of completing quest by yourself and your enjoyment of a game can suffer from too much detailed guide." < from Flero     =========================================================================   [1C] Ship Orders and Point mall       Why bother with those pesky ship orders? - You get hearts which you need for lucky box, boutique, and training. - You get RP which will affect your ranking - showing if you are active, can also get rubies if high enough - You get points to purchase stuff in point mall!!   Point mall - Many things to buy, reset every 5 hours or sooner with rubies. Ideally you want to get that perfect gem (400 points, top row, very right) but there are also fairy branches, magic alloys and even tickets!!   How does help work? You get 3 help at a time for your ship orders. You get those back as you sail the one you used the help request on. E.g. you have a yellow you used only 2 HELP. You'll still have 1 available. Once you sail off that yellow order, you'll get those 2 charges back.   To help others - just click on that ship tab and choose which one to help on! You only have a certain # per day, it's listed in the bottom right. The harder the order you help with, the better the rewards! ==========================================================================   [2A] Gems and Rings   What to spend those expedition points on?? Well, see that 400 point cost gem? GET THAT! It's the highest F2P(free to play) grade gem and the only way to get it!! The highest now for premium are rings, which can be won in vip lucky box. Sometimes when you level up, you get a shining pot! These contain a random low-grade gem. To open, go to storage, consumables tab, and use the pot!   There are two types of gems: Store and Trip gems. ~Store gems:~ Lime - Party boost Pink - Beauty boost + 50 ( I recommend getting this last.. because you can max out beauty from decorating) Silver - Combo chance ~Trip gems:~ increase chance to get specific types of ingredients Gold - Grains Red - Meat Purple - Fruits Blue - Seafood Green - Vegetables Black - Spices ** Get later on if you're new because you have yet to unlock expeditions with spices**   ~Rings~ Perfect Diamond Ring - Get ingredients +7% Perfect Emerald Ring - Get materials +7% (like branches, magic alloy) Perfect Sapphire Ring - Get potions +7%   Rings need 420 exp for the first level up, more than the perfect gems.   You can not upgrade gem grade/quality like you can with staff, which is why it is important to buy the perfect ones in the expedition shop! I don't find it worth it to level low grade gems.     - Grade SS Staff: 3 Gem Slots - Grade S Staff: 3 Gem Slots - Grade A Staff: 2 Gem Slots - Grade B Staff: 1 Gem Slot - Grade C Staff: No Gem Slot - Grade D Staff: No Gem Slot   ==========================================================================   [3A] Storage Management   Expedition tools you keep all except maps. Why? Because it's SUPER easy to get maps so just keep 1 stock. If you're going to be training your chef (which costs energy) then it may be wise to stock up on a few more! Max storage is 500 at the moment. -credits: SUPERFOOD-   Coloured bottles: Everyone has a colour they always get. (for me it's sugar maple - the green one) so don't keep too many of those because it'll be easy to get. Unless you want to keep to sell to friends, then well.. that's gonna take up space XD   Dishes: When you buy from NPC market, it immediately goes to your storage. Bring those out so it doesn't take up space!   Market locking: If you lock your items in market, people can not buy and it frees up space in your storage! ========================================================================== [4A] What to spend x on?     Which ruby package to buy? I don't buy until they are on sale. Some of the starter packages are worth, click on them to see what they have! I personally recommend the 'special package' because it gives a bunch of goodies for a decent price. Event packages are worth depending on what you need / if you use things like energy potion.   Rubies: DO NOT BUY COINS WITH RUBIES UNLESS YOU REALLY WANT TO 180 gem = 3 240 000 coins.. 20 Fairy branches can be bought less than 2 mil if patient, so do not use rubies to substitute for these. You can buy fairy branches, then use rubies to fill in the missing magic alloy if you want to expand storage.   Expansions are also worth, especially during sale. I recommend just waiting and buying with coins though unless you have the money   Staff events: I do not recommend spending rubies on these unless it's for the SS staff event. But of course it's up to you ^.^ Lucky Box is the most worth out of rubies. Even if you do not get the blue item. why? because 1 of each of those materials go for 3.5mil cheapest.. and RARELY people even sell that cheap. 1 lucky box is 20 / 30 rubies. remember what we talked about for rubies --> coins? yea.     **New Lucky box 20 rubies, seems to have higher chance of getting a PT but it's one of the lower income ones (unless you get the featured PT)**   Save coins for PT things and lucky box.   ~Hearts~ If you're having trouble with energy, get stuff from boutique first. If you want to get lucky box, save for that. Spend where you need ^.^   ~Point Mall~ GET THAT PERFECT GEM! If you are ahead on gems and have extra points to spend, it now depends what you need. If you need money, spend on things like fairy branch, magic alloy that you can sell in market. If you want to refine gems, spend on the other gems! And of course, if you need expedition tools, get those!   Which premium PT should I build with the materials I got? (magic paint, spruce, mithril) If you want it for how they look, pick any! If you want the most money out of it, just divide coin by day. I've done the ones available so it's easier for you ^.^ If you want to see each for yourself, click on the wine shop above the npc Ali (next to ingredient shop)   IMPORTANT: Please note that you do not get rewards each day, you get the bulk at the end of the days, e.g. cherry tree - 1.8 mil after 5 days. But in the long run, the ones with higher coins or exp/day will net you more money; which is why I'm listing as $/day     Please note I'm aware some things are spelt weird... it's because of the game's translation I'm keeping the spelling same as them.   ☆ Vampire Coffin: 425 000 coins/day, 63 000 exp/day ☆ Moon Rabbit Mill: 350 000 coins/day, 77 000 exp/day ☆ Model of Celestrial Bodies: 412 500 coins/day, 64 750 exp/day ☆ Sear Horse Carriage: 350 000 coins/day, 70 000 exp/day ☆ Pirate Hot Balloon: 375 000 coins/day, 65 000 exp/day ☆ Wishing Tree: 340 000 coins/day, 72 000 exp/day ☆ Cherry tree: 360 000 coins/day, 58 000 exp/day ☆ Tarot Shop II: 300 000 coins/day, 30 000 exp/day ☆ Ramen Store: 320 000 coins/day, 36 000 exp/day ☆ Carousel Music Box: 300 000 coins/day, 50 000 exp/day ☆ Food Ship: 300 000 coins/day, 60 000 exp/day ☆ Mini Chocolate Machine: 380 000 coins/day, 54 000 exp/day ☆ Angel's Hot-air Balloon: 350 000 coins/day, 60 000 exp/day     So the result is.. Vampire Coffin will net you the most money in the end, but you'll notice it gives less exp. ========================================================================== [4B] VIP   VIP gives in total 1000 rubies for $59.99 USD + access to VIP shop. (720 Rubies + 10 Rubies for everyday during 28 days)     Regular ruby shop, its 1200 rubies for $89.99 USD     If you were going to buy the huge amount of rubies anyway, I recommend getting VIP instead. Because VIP lucky box gives 2x materials, rings that you can not get anywhere else.   How does VIP work? - The 28 days are based on the day of purchase. E.g. If you purchased April 19th, You will get 10 rubies daily for 28 days from April 20th. - You must claim the VIP ticket for it to have any effect! Check your mailbox! - You must PLAY to acquire the daily rubies   VIP Lucky Box changes monthly.   ========================================================================== [5A] How to get flame, fairy branch, and special tickets??+ Importance of Themes   So you've been decorating your restaurant and you notice the "Theme" tab. Hmm I wonder what that little icon is in the bottom right corner?   Well! If you complete that bar, you get that reward! It goes Fairy branch, Flame, and then special tickets!   This is the EASIEST way to get those things. You're going to need fairy branch and flame for upgrading your quality cookers.. and lots of fairy branches too. So make sure you complete each theme as you unlock them! Once you complete it, simply go to the theme shop and tap on the icon to get your reward!   **HOW TO CLAIM?** You have to be out of the customization menu to 'touch' the rewards. - EXIT CUSTOMIZATION (tap save) - Go to stores (bottom right) - click furnitures - DO NOT BUY ANYTHING (if you bought something just exit out of edit again) - click themes and find your theme and get reward!   ========================================================================== [5B] Tickets - blue, yellow, pink   Where to get these? - blue - attendance, point mall. - yellow - attendance, helping other people's harder ship orders, point mall - pink - easy ship orders   What to do with them? - blue tickets are for Dili! sleeping next to ingredient shop, Dili will help you with something you need once a day. You need at least 3 tickets to use after the free one, and it will go up the more you use. - yellow - SAVE THESE FOR SS STAFF EVENTS. BEST TIME TO USE THEM. If you really want you can use on normal events or the chapter staff roll but.. keep in mind these give S A B. If you use on SS staff event, the lowest you get is A which is upgradeable. You can also upgrade A to random S to finish collection and get rubies. - pink - use on lucky recruit (b, c, d staff) pretty useless :/   ========================================================================== [6A] Friend Management (mutuals, recommendations, gifting)   So everyone has a certain potion colour they get the most of. You can see which one they provide in your friends list - it will be the icon in the bottom left. What is that icon in the bottom right with 2 faces and a heart? < That shows you are mutual friends!   Are mutual friends important? If you want people to ring your bell and clean your kitchen, they can only do so if they are mutual. But at the same time, sometimes high levels have their friends list full. If you want to use their staff or apply their job, it's good to keep them on your friends list even if they don't add you back.   I recommend sending them a message, especially if you are active and chances are, they will do their best to make room for you. ** DO NOT GET ANGRY IF THEY DO NOT ADD YOU ** Some of us have our friends list very full and everyone is active. We don't want to remove them just for a new person - it's not very fair.   Please note, not everyone allows people who are not mutuals to apply or use their staff. Make sure to read their message!     To recommend a friend for those free 10 rubies: - open friends menu - click blue "Search" button - go to recommend tab - type in friends name!   You can only recommend once / give Kudos once!   Gifting Rubies - you get hearts per ruby you gift, i.e. gift 1200 rubies you get 1200 hearts - go to the friend you want to gift rubies to - top left click "PRESENT" next to their name - click the package you want to gift and enter a message (this is REQUIRED to gift)   Flero sometimes censors words that aren't bad so if you can't send, try different words and it should work!   ==========================================================================   [7A] Ranking and why it is important (ALSO WAY TO GET RUBIES)   You ever wonder how to tell if someone is inactive? Look no further! When you visit someone, at the bottom there are 3 sets of numbers. The first (Popular Star) shows how often they are visited, the 2nd (Great Explorer) shows how often they explore / do expeditions, and the 3rd (Expert Chef) shows how often they help people's ship orders.   The best way to see if someone active is that middle number. The 3rd is also important because it shows if they are helping fill out other people's orders.. but this number is hard when you are low level so don't judge based on this rank only!!   If you get above 1000, you get rubies every week. If people's rank are above 10k by the end of the week... chances are they are not very active :(   Everyone is in different time zones.. so please google or do the math yourself. PST reset is every sunday 8am (with daylight savings time). If you do not have daylight savings time that is 7am PST.   So basically if I see someone (according to my time zone) saturday night unranked or above 10k rank, I remove for active players.   If you click on ranking and go to "My Point" in the top right next to the 'x', you will see your progress and you can get rubies if completed! This is another way to get rubies - yay!   ========================================================================== [8A] I need something but I can't find!!   JUST ASK SOMEONE. Don't be needy though. Many players are willing to help. Just post on forum too! Expedition tools are needed by everyone, so that will probably be harder to get. But quality dishes, bottles especially, we can help! Don't forget about that npc sleeping - Dili will be happy to help you once a day and deliver items you need !! Dili needs blue tickets if you want more things delivered more than once! After the free one, it takes at least 3 tickets to deliver again. Number of tickets increases per request. ========================================================================== [9A] Cooking / Ingredients   Before going offline for a long time, cook the dish that takes the longest!! That will give you the most when you are up and ready to play. You can also search the market for food. Occasionally people will sell stacks of 500 like tempura or lobster so buy those if you need! That way you'll have food available when you are working on ship orders.   ========================================================================== [10A] Quests   FOCUS ON YOUR STORY QUEST!! Sometimes you'll need to buy a certain dish, just ask a friend to help! You need to do story to unlock more dishes, more trips, etc.   -Cleaning specific character dishes / tapping specific character tips- Sometimes it is hard to see tables. Go to view (menu▶view) and it'll change how you view your bistro! You can focus so you can see those pesky dishes hiding behind customers. -credits: bhyunbin-   An easy way to reset is go to 2nd floor if you have, or visit someone else's bistro and go back to yours. That way you do not have to wait for that npc to do their loop and come back.. just keep resetting till they show up!   ========================================================================== [11A] Events   Sometimes there will be x2 events. DROP X2 means you have higher chance to get expedition tools on providing drinks.   Reward x2 with chef hat - you get more quest rewards ( x 1.5) Fork + knife x2 - quality dishes exp x 1.5 Fork only x2 - normal dish exp x 1.5 -credits: Lazarck-   Also there will sometimes be a "post pic of ____" so pay attention to event posts from devs for free rewards!   Event coin - Maps are best way to do this because you can net 1-2 event coin per trip and the very first trip is only 3 minutes long. Try to use the event staff that reward more event coin here IF YOU WILL BE ACTIVILY clicking it. Otherwise, use them on the longer expeditions for more event coin! ========================================================================== [12A] Network Error and Account Recovery   You ever notice if you tap something (like if someone cleans your kitchen).. it reappears? If you click it again, it will say network error and restart the game. I cannot confirm this.. but so far it seems if you load into another screen (like if you visit a friend) and then go back, it will fix this.   I rarely get network error so if you get this A LOT might just be your internet. Sorry friend :/   Send support team a ticket!   ~Account Recovery~ If you have saved progress through linking google/facebook: - go through tutorial - go to Menu (bottom right) --> Option (bottom right again) - connect through google or facebook IF THIS DOES NOT WORK FOR SOME REASON: - click on that green "Help" button or e-mail It is better to do it through game because it will automatically include your info (Device, OS< game version, etc.)   ========================================================================== [changelog] updates. (times are listed in PST)   Edits April 17 2018: added chef + restaurant section April 18 2018: edited title, thank you devs! Now stickied =) will add new update when I have time April 18 2018: added new update stuff, added Part Time (PT) section, added more VIP information April 19 2018: added more info to PT and Lucky box. Added Pink + golden bell info. awaiting answer from devs to see if theme park lucky box is staying or not April 21 2018: added more to staff and gem section.. still waiting on answer to theme box from devs April 25 2018: added [0D] Consumables section April 25 2018: added tickets, ship order + point mall section, left section at top for newest edit to easily catch up April 26 2018 - added new workshop decor, brush up on a few sections. April 29 2018 - added attendance info! added cooker information, max income decor, added info to ranking, added account recovery April 30 2018 - added details to knowing your potion colour, how to gift.. Added staff placement and more details to expeditions May 9 2018 - minor edit to expeditions [1B]. Flero refuses to give specific details on spices. May 15 2018 - added event staff details [1A], added specifics on how to claim rewards for theme [5A]. 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  • Shenna Galicia LV.2 Lurker Feb 18, 2021, 10:56 AM

    How to avoid this?

  • Yolla06 LV.7 Nomad Sep 10, 2021, 07:40 AM

    Cant,, u just need to waiting

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