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Nov 24, 2020, 04:51 PM 215 read

[FAQ] How to refine a Gemstone?


You can increase the selected Gemstone's through refinement. 1. Tap a Gemstone that is already worn then press [Refine] 2. Select a Gemstone to be used as a refining material. 3. Press the price button on the bottom of the Gemstone wanting to be crafted.   The Gemstone will level up if Gemstone EXP has reached to its maximum. The higher the level, more Gemstones needed as refining materials to reach a higher level.   ※The number of Gemstones a staff can wear differs depending on the Grade: Grade S Staff: 3 Gem Slots Grade A Staff: 2 Gem Slots Grade B Staff: 1 Gem Slot   ※You can detach a Gemstone from a Staff with Coins.   ※If you want to use a already-refined Gemstone as a craft material, you'll get additional Gemstone EXP, the same amount of the current Gemstone's EXP.

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