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Nov 24, 2020, 04:51 PM 84 read

[FAQ] Where do I find Staff Management?


Go to: [Menu] -> [Staff] for Staff Management.   [Staff Placement] You can place a staff either at the restaurant or on Expedition. The maximum number of staffs that can be placed changes depending on your level and you can change to a different staff by pressing [Change] on the bottom of the current staff.   [All Staffs] Shows the entire staffs you've hired. You have a limited number of staffs depending on your current level and the staff you want to fire will be deleted from the staff list.   [★STAFF★] You can randomly obtain a staff/multiple staffs here. You can draw different staffs depending on your fairy-tale quest progress   [Collection] You'll receive a reward if you have collected a particular group of staffs on [Collection] For instance, if you have obtained: Tommy, Kevin, Lucy and Lily, you have completed Dandelion Set and can receive 5 Rubies as a reward.

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