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Decorating your Bistro to Welcome Winter Event

● Event
My Secret Bistro: ● Event - Decorating your Bistro to Welcome Winter Event image 1

The Decorating your Bistro to Welcome Winter Event will be held to welcome the winter season~   Please decorate the bistro to match the winter theme, and upload it on the board!   The chefs for Grand Prize and Popularity Award will be decided by Like voting of all the chefs.   For the Grand Prize, it will be applied to Erica’s Bistro on the upcoming update so please show your attention and participation in this!   - Event Period: December 5th(Mon) ~ December 11th(Sun) (UTC+9) - Event Content ① Decorate your bisto on the 1st Floor in Winter Theme. It must be the 1st floor and please do not place any income decors. ② Please take a Full Bistro Screenshot including your nickname and bistro completely. Your restaurant should be shown fully as the full screenshot. The win rate will increase UP! UP! only if you decorate your bistro with a "Winter" theme! ③ Post your screenshot and nickname on the event board [Decorating your Bistro to Welcome Winter] to complete the participation! ④ Please [Like] the picture when you see a well-decorated bistro. There will be 31 bistros in total for the Grand Prize and Popularity Award.   - Announcement Date and Reward Date: December 14th(Wed) (UTC+9) - Grand Prize: 500 Rubies(1 Chef_Erica's Bistro Applying) - Popularity Award: 100 Rubies (30 Chefs) - Grand Prize Erica's Bistro Applying Date: December 20th(Tue) (UTC+9)   ※ You should put your Game Nickname at the Title. If your nickname cannot be found or mistyped, the event reward will not be offered. ※ If you change your nickname after the event participation, please participate in the event again with the new nickname. ※ 1 Account can join the event only once.   ■ Important Note (Required!) - 1 Account can attend the event only once. Any repeated participation may not win the event reward. - You should decorate the bistro only on the 1st floor, using decorations without any income decors. (Erica Bistro will be applied only on the 1st floor.) - The Bistro selected as the Grand Prize will be applied to Erica Bistro's interior in the game. 🚨If the Grand Prize winner's interior is changed before the Announcement Date, then it will not be applied to Erica Bistro's interior.🚨 - Event Participation should be available only when you register the post on the event board [Decorating your Bistro to Welcome Winter]. - You cannot attend the event if your Cafe Nickname is different from your Game Nickname. If Game Nickname is different from Cafe Nickname, you should register the post with your game nickname. - You should capture your full bistro completely for the event participation. (If you take the screenshot of your bistro partly.) - If your post is not proper to the board, your post might be moved or deleted and it does not count as participation. - If you use others' bistro as the event screenshot instead of your bistro screenshot, you cannot join the event as you should be counted as illegal participation. - The event schedule and rewards will be subject to change due to internal circumstances.   Thank you.

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  • gamer500161972 LV.1 Mootie Dec 6, 2022, 04:36 AM

    Hi sorry to disturb. I cant find back my id, i played this game around half year ago and now cant login already. Who i can look for to get back my id ? Thank you very much