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Notice for Accumulated Anniversary Coins Ranking Event

● Event
My Secret Bistro: ● Event - Notice for Accumulated Anniversary Coins Ranking Event image 1

Hello, this is My Secret Bistro.   You can get the Anniversary Coins from the Income Decor to celebrate the 5th anniversary~   There is an accumulated Anniversary Coin event prepared that you can purchase various items with the anniversary coins at the anniversary shop and also you can get the ranking rewards by the accumulated amount of coins!   Please participate a lot, and check the details below.   ■Notice for Accumulated Anniversary Coins Ranking Event■   - Event Period: August 25th(Thu) After Update ~ September 22nd(Thu) Before Update   - Event Content ① You can also get the 'Anniversary Coins' during the event period when you obtain the Income Decor rewards. ② The ranking will be decided by the amount of the accumulated anniversary coins, and the rewards will be offered to the top rankings before the event ends.   - Event Rewards > 1st Chef: Ruby(600), VIP Ticket 28 Days(1) > 2nd Chef: Ruby(550), VIP Ticket 14 Days(1) > 3rd Chef: Ruby(500), VIP Ticket 7 Days(1) > 4th Chef: Ruby(450), Material Comp.(15) > 5th Chef: Ruby(400), Material Comp.(10) > 6th Chef: Ruby(350), Material Comp.(5) > 7th Chef: Ruby(300), Ray Lucky Box(15) > 8th Chef: Ruby(250), Ray Lucky Box(10) > 9th Chef: Ruby(200), Ray Lucky Box(5) > 10th Chef: Ruby(150), Ray Lucky Box(5) > 11th ~ 100th chefs: Ruby(100)   - Winner Announcement and Reward Date: after September 22nd(Thu)   ※ Note ※ 1. We will inform you about the reward-related content with the notice of the winner. 2. The number of anniversary coins you can get might be different for each income decor. 3. The anniversary coins will be reflected in the total amount regardless of the used amount at the anniversary shop. 4. The event content can be changed due to internal circumstances.   Please participate a lot. Thank you.

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  • ᴀʟʏss LV.15 I'm a Bot Aug 26, 2022, 12:15 AM

    Thank you for the new & interesting Ranking Event 😊. However, there is a mistake/bug in the Anniversary Coins Ranking Event. If I collect my PT coins under my manage list, I will not recieve the Anniversary coins at all (I was not aware in the beginning & wasted many potential coins 😭). I only recieve the Anniversary coins if I manually go to each PT floor & tap on it.

    Also, I think if collecting coins from PT as the ONLY way to earn Anniversary coins may be unfair for newer or lower leveled players because basically higher leveled players &/ players with many & high PTs can easily rank high. If possible, maybe in the future include other ways for players to earn Anniversary coins to make it an even playing field for all players😊

  • AliceYuna~ LV.19 Sage Aug 26, 2022, 08:08 PM

    Actually its just the animation didnt show up, but when you relogin, your points will increase

  • ᴀʟʏss LV.15 I'm a Bot Aug 29, 2022, 12:03 AM

    ty for informing ♡ I still think it's troublesome to always relogin to see the updated amt, hope the game fixes it at least 🥲

  • gamer214860673 LV.12 Chief Sep 1, 2022, 02:33 AM

    yeah its a bit unfair at least benny could have added anniversary coins from applying to others bistro....