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Nov 11, 2021, 03:01 PM 3,923 read

Black Month VIP Pitapat Lucky Box Event Notice

● Event
My Secret Bistro: ● Event - Black Month VIP Pitapat Lucky Box Event Notice image 1

Hello, this is Manager Benny.   My Secret Bistro's Special Black Month begins in November, 2021.   As Pitapat Lucky Box consists of Best VIP Income Decors, This Is the Time to Get🎊   Please check the details below.   ■Black Month VIP Pitapat Lucky Box Event■   - Event Period : November 11th (Thu) After Update ~ November 30th (Tue) 23:59   - Event Content : In game [Stores] > [Lucky Box], you can use [Black Month VIP Pitapat Lucky Box] with 350 Rubies at each try, which consists of VIP Income Decors updated from January, 2020 ~ to June, 2021.   - Lucky Box Composition : Fairy's Gemstones Tarte (1) Pudding Fairies' Concert (1) Fairies' Macaron Perfume (1) Circus Ticket Shop (1) Mysterious animal circus (1) Circus Star Big Wheel (1) Athena Temple of Light (1) Dionysus Fountain Temple (1) Apollo's Clock Tower (1) Marchen Land's Crystal Palace (1) Marchen Land's Crystal Clock Tower (1) Marchen Land's Crystal Carriage (1) Magical Portal Door of Oz (1) Emerald Castle's Tea Time (1) Coward Lion's Flower Carriage (1) Oz's Emerald Castle (1) Oz's Wizard Hot-air Balloon (1) West Witch's Moonlight Workshop (1)   - Note : ※ Lucky Box costs 350 Rubies at 1 try and 10 times-drawing(rubies) continuously is NOT available. ※ Each income decor information is same to the previous update notice but the Income Decor Booster will NOT be applied at all.     Thank you.  

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