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Lucky July, Lucky Lotto Event

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Hello, this is Manager Benny.   Lucky 7, Lucky July comes back~! A Roulette Event will give luck to chefs★   Pick your one favorite number among 1~7 and then tell the number to Benny!   If your number is same to the number which will be come from Benny's roulette, we will give a very special lucky reward to you.   July 7th 7PM!! We will release a video that Benny will spin the roulette!   We look forward to your participation a lot. Please check how to join the event below!   ■Lucky July, Lucky Lotto Event Notice■   - Event Period : July 1st (Thu) ~ July 7th (Wed) 17:59   - Event Content :   ① Tell your favorite number among 1~7 to Benny. ② Click [Event Participation] to bring the page for typing the answer and your game nickname! You should write the exact game nickname for the event reward. ③ You can attend the event only once per 1 Google Account. Please answer it carefully! ④ We will give the event reward to chefs whose choice number is same to the roulette number.   ※ You should join the event only through the Event Participation Page. ※ If you leave any answers as the comment here, you will not be counted as the event participation! ※ If the game nickname is not exact, you cannot claim the event reward.   - Event Participation :

  - Event Reward : VIP Basic Ticket(7 Days)   - The Number Announcement Date : We will announce the lucky number on July 7th (Wed) 7PM   - Reward Date : We will send the reward into Mailbox on July 8th(Thu).   ※ Important Note - If you attend the event in any inappropriate ways, you cannot attend the event and your account can be restricted. - 1 Google account can attend the event only once. Also, even if you attend the event with the same game nickname repeatedly, we will offer the event reward only once. - If the game nickname is not exact or you do not write your nickname at all, you cannot claim the event reward. - Unless you access the event page for participation, the reward cannot be offered. - The event schedule and reward distribution are subject to change due to internal circumstances.     Thank you:)

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