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Ray's Match Taste Event ver.2021

● Event
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Hello, this is Manager Benny.   Summer comes back~! Every Summer we have a common issue!   Where should go this Summer?!   We look for chefs who have the Same Holiday Taste with Ray!   Get to learn Ray's Holiday Taste, and claim the rewards as the double effect event><!   Q. Prepare Summer Vacation! What is your taste, chef? A. Cool wave breaks in blue “Sea” VS Fresh air and grass fulfills in green “Mountain”   Well, what tastes our chefs prefer...! We look forward to your active participation a lot!   Please check how to participate in the event below!   ■Ray's Match Taste Event ver.2021 Notice■   - Event Period : June 24th (Thu) ~ June 30th (Wed) 23:59 (UTC+9)   - Event Content :   ① Choose one between blue “Sea” that Cool wave breaks VS green “Mountain” Fresh air and grass fulfills ② Click [Event Participation] to bring the page for solving answers and writing game nickname! You should write the exact game nickname for the event reward. ③ You can attend the event only once per 1 Google Account. Please answer it carefully! ④ If you choose what Ray likes, you can claim the Matching Gift. But if you choose the different one, we will give Dismatching Gift.   ※ You should join the event only through the Event Participation Page. ※ If you leave any answers as the comment here, you will not be counted as the event participation! ※ If the game nickname is not exact, you cannot claim the event reward.   - Event Participation :

  - Event Reward : > Matching: Ruby(10) > Dismatching: 30 Energy (3)   - Taste Announcement Date : July 5th (Mon)   - Reward Date : We will send the reward into Mailbox on July 5th (Mon)     ※ Important Note - If you attend the event in any inappropriate ways, you cannot attend the event and your account can be restricted. - 1 Google account can attend the event only once. Also, even if you attend the event with the same game nickname repeatedly, we will offer the event reward only once. - If the game nickname is not exact or you do not write your nickname at all, you cannot claim the event reward. - Unless you access the event page for participation, the reward cannot be offered. - The event schedule and reward distribution are subject to change due to internal circumstances.     Thank you:)

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