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[Anniversary Shop] Guide

● Notice

Hello, this is My Secret Bistro.   We would like to inform you about the newly updated [Anniversary Shop]!  

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  You can additionally get Anniversary Coins if you claim the Income Decor completing rewards during the event period! (The amount of the Anniversary Coins that you can get from the income decor is different for each one)   The Anniversary Coin is the event coin that you can purchase various materials and items including the Anniversary decors at the Anniversary Shop.

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① You can check the amount of the Anniversary Coins you have. ② You can check the ranking of other chefs' accumulated coins. (Please note that some items have purchase limits)     5th Year Joey's Free Time, Loving Incubator, Energy 30, Fairy Twig, Magic Alloy, Living Flame, Cooking Time Saving Potion, Production Time Saving Potion, Income Decor Comp., Material Comp., Contract letter (3 days), Milk, Ray Sparkling Pot, Map, Key, Bindle, Glasses, Boots, Helm, Premium Server Ticket, Lucky Box Ticket, Letter, Drink   You can check about the Anniversary Shop items in the Mailbox.  

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You can check the ranking by the amount of the accumulated Anniversary Coins at the Anniversary Shop! Now there is the accumulated Anniversary Coin ranking event on going so please participate a lot. (✿˵•́ᴗ•̀˵)   The anniversary coins and the anniversary shop are only available during the event period, and the coins will be removed after the event period so please use them within the event period!   Thank you.

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