7. Staffs & Gemstones

Have you ever felt unsatisfied with an unfriendly server at a well-known restaurant?
You don’t consider the restaurant is excellent, if you don't have a good staff no matter how luxurious the facility is, can you?
A good, service-oriented staff is a must in order to serve the best service to customers as well as to assist you, Chef, at My Secret Bistro.
Let's find out about staff features of My Secret Bistro's!
1. Hire a Staff!
You can draw a new staff from: [Menu]> [Staff]
- Lucky Recuit : You can get a general staff between Grade B, C, D randomly.
- Special Recuit : A special draw menu will be open when each fairy tale episode opens. You can get staff between Grade S, A, B plus Elemental Flame for a Staff Upgrade.
2. Assign the right staff to the right position!
There're three positions you can place your staffs as: Cashier / Server / Explorer
Wouldn't it be more efficient if you assign your staffs to the right position depending on staffs' abilities and the position roles?
※ Bennie’s Tip!
- Staffs with higher Beauty / Cooking Combo Probability / Increased Party Time Coin percentage are suitable working at the restaurant.
- Staffs with faster Movement are the best servers.
- Staffs with a higher percentage in obtaining high-quality ingredients/materials are good ones for an expedition.
3. Gemstones make staffs smarter
Gemstones with different effects can be purchased at Order Request Point Mall.
★ Gemstones can be worn to the staffs with additional Gem Slot(s).
Pink Star : Increased % of Beauty
Lime Star : Increase % of Party Time Coin
Silver Star : Increase % of Combo
Red Star : Increased % of Meat
Blue Star : Increased % of Seafood
Gold Star : Increased % of Grain
Green Star : Increased % of Vegetable
Purple Star : Increased % of Fruit
You can level up your Gemstones by crafting.
Use spare Gemstones as a craft material.
Gemstones will have an increased % of their current effect as they level up!
※ Note: Gemstones with equal/lower quality compare to the crafting one can only be used as a craft material! (*Eg. You can't use Fragmented Red Star as a craft material to a whole Blue Star. (Fragmented Gemstones has lower quality than whole ones)
※ Bennie’s Tip
1) The number of Gemstones staffs can wear depends on the employee's class.
- Grade S Staff: 3 Gem Slots
- Grade A Staff: 2 Gem Slots
- Grade B Staff: 1 Gem Slot
- Grade C Staff: No Gem Slot
- Grade D Staff: No Gem Slot
2) The Gemstones already worn can be removed any time at your expense!
3) A Staff can't wear same type of Gemstones.

7. Staffs & Gemstones +9
7. Staffs & Gemstones
Manager Benny
Manager Benny Manager Benny
LV.23 GameManager 2years

6.Advanced Recipe

Hello, Chef!
It seems to be the right time to learn Advanced Recipes!
1. What is an Advanced Recipe?
With Advanced Recipes, you can learn premium menus on an Advanced Cooktop instead of a General Cooktop.
Premium menus are not available to be served for customers at the restaurant.
They're used for Order Requests requiring premium menus instead.
Advanced Cooktop can be obtained as a reward from Advanced Cooktop quests.
You can get Benny Stove, the advanced cooktop you can get initially at the quest completion from the Snow White episode.
♥ Collect the ingredients to complete the Advanced Stove!
- Elemental Flame : can be purchased at Order Request Point Mall or
received as a Step 2 Theme Store reward
- Fairy Branch : can be obtained from expedition or Point Mall
Now, shall we take a look what recipes we can make on the advanced cooktop?
Look at these extraordinary-looking menus!!!
2. Gather high-quality ingredients!
Secret ingredients make Advanced Recipes more luscious!!!
Advanced Recipes require high-quality ingredients unlike General Recipes.
High-quality ingredients can be obtained from expedition. (Except Cook Island regions)
You can see the high-quality ingredients available on the initial screen of that region on Expedition.
※ Benny’s Tip!
All Premium Dishes will be stored in Storage- they cannot be moved to Display Shelf. Remember, all Premium Dishes are not to be served to customers!

6.Advanced Recipe +4
6.Advanced Recipe
Manager Benny
Manager Benny Manager Benny
LV.23 GameManager 2years

9. Market Stand & Social Activities

♥ You can put up items you want to sell to your friends on [TRADE]
- Number of times you can put up items for sale at Market Stand per day: 20 (One additional chance is given per slot purchase)
- You can use a free market advertisement in every 30 minutes. Items advertised on Market Stand can easily be browsed by other users on Market News.
♥ You can purchase items of other users' through Market News.
Try Corey's Market. You may find the item you need!
♥ Things you can do at your friend's restaurant:
- Guestbook: You can leave your message on friend's Guestbook by touching your friend's profile image.
- Golden Bell: You can ring friend's Golden Bell. (You’ll see a Pink Bell at friend’s restaurant whose level is 20 or more, lower. You can earn more rewards ringing Pink Bell than Golden Bell)
- Cleaning: You can clean your friend's kitchen utensils.
- Expedition: You can send a request a friend's employee to join your expedition party.
- Order Request: You can pack the requested items from your friend's Order Request.
- Market Stand: You can purchase items for sale on your friend's Kiosk.
- Chef’s Help: Help your friend's Chef Training. You’ll gain Job EXP & your friend will have his/her energy fully recharged.
Wait for a moment, what is Golden Bell?
You can start Party Time if 6 of your friends visit your restaurant and ring Golden Bell!
Customers' movement & eating time become faster when Party Time started!
You can serve customers special Party-Time Drinks endlessly during Party Time.
You'll have more fun when playing My Secret Bistro with your friends!
Hope you make wonderful relationships with the current & new friends at My Secret Bistro!♥

9. Market Stand & Social Activities +4
9. Market Stand & Social Activities
Manager Benny
Manager Benny Manager Benny
LV.23 GameManager 2years

1. Intro

Hello Chef!
Congratulations for being the owner of My Secret Bistro!
This is Bennie. I'll be your guide helping you to settle down on My Secret Bistro.
I invite you to My Secret Bistro along with the characters from well-known fairy tales!
Well then, shall we go on an adventure to the world of My Secret Bistro with me?
1) Create a mouth-watering dish that stimulates your appetite
Sweet cupcakes, a luxurious lobster dish, golden brown steaks...
A variety of delicious dishes to enjoy!
Make them all by yourself at My Secret Bistro.
2) The main characters of a fairy tale coming to my bistro!?
Was the prince from Snow White a bad drunk!?
Was the wolf from Little Red Riding Hood just one mellow cutie pie?
A bunch of interesting remakes that haven't been revealed from the original fairy tales!
Listen to their stories through the quest & lead them to a happy ending!
3) Explore a wider world in the World Map!!
Explore the towns from fairy tales and gather items you need through the World Map.
4) Make a one-of-a-kind bistro with interior items.
Make your restaurant unique with distinctive employees and full of various decorations!
Design your own unique restaurant at My Secret Bistro with many interesting features not listed here♥

1. Intro +1
1. Intro
Manager Benny
Manager Benny Manager Benny
LV.23 GameManager 2years

8. Decorate your Restaurant

♥ Decorate your own unique restaurant at My Secret Bistro!
♥ Buy millions of interior items you can decorate your restaurant from Furniture Store.
What is this number attached to the interior item?
It's called Beauty Point!
The overall Beauty Point increases as you place items with Beauty Point(s) to your restaurant.
*The higher the overall Beauty Point is, the number of customers coming increases!
♥ Visit Theme Store if you have no idea where to start your decorating from those millions of cute items!!
You can earn Theme Points by purchasing and installing certain themed interior items.
There’re 3 reward levels per theme once the Theme Points reached to each level.
★ ★ Bennie's Tip: How to decorate your restaurant!! ★ ★
1. How to place tables and chairs
One table covers one customer. Place one chair per table.
Make paths & try not to block them with other items so then customers can go through :'(
A typical unwise example of chair & table arrangements!!
- Two chairs on one table! Please place one chair only!
- The entering path is blocked by the flowerpots!
2. Let's install Display Shelves!
If you have insufficient shelf capacity, you can't move the completed dishes to Display Shelf.
Please add more shelves or buy one with a larger shelf capacity.
3. When you have a difficulty on placing tiles or items because there are too many items crammed in...
Touch VIEW menu to switch views: Flat / Furniture / Tile
4. Placing too many tables and chairs are meaningless!
Customers will leave your restaurant if you have very few customers visiting your restaurant due to low overall Beauty Points or don't have enough servers at the restaurant making customers waiting too long to be served... :'(
Place an appropriate number of tables and chairs for your restaurant.
If you utilize the spare space with other interior items, more customers will visit you due to higher overall Beauty Points! :)
5. When purchasing the same item that you already placed in a restaurant…
Try the Additional Purchase icon.
You can conveniently purchase identical items by touching the plus icon of the item you want to purchase on the rearrangement status.
Have you decorated your restaurant well?
Now it's time for you to transform in a stunning way Chef!!
Shall we visit Boutique through Menu > Boutique & make your avatar standing out & pretty?
The tailor makes the man. I mean.. a woman +ㅁ+
Look at yourself, Chef! You are transformed into one petite cutie-pie!!
Some items have the effect of charging Energy. (When it's worn)
Try a variety of outfits and show me your big transformation with Apparel / Hairstyle / Accessory etc..♥

8. Decorate your Restaurant +8
8. Decorate your Restaurant
Manager Benny
Manager Benny Manager Benny
LV.23 GameManager 2years

4. Expedition

You can go on an expedition by pressing the World Map icon or through Jeddah’s Camp on the southern side of the village.
You can get high-quality ingredients and materials for upgrade not sold at the Grocery Store.
Those are must-have items when cooking an advanced recipe!
You'll need an expedition tool to go on an expedition.
*Map : You can get one as a beverage-serving reward from regular customers. You'll need it when you explore Cook Island.
*Key : You can get one as a beverage-serving reward from special guests of the Snow White episode. You'll need it when you explore regions in White Kingdom.
*Bundle : You can get one as a beverage-serving reward from special guests of the Little Red Riding Hood episode. You'll need it when you explore regions in Lonely Forest.
Obtain the uplisted expedition tools!
Let's take a closer look at the expedition UI.
You can assign your employee(s) to send an expedition for rewards.
1) Reward : The rewards of the exploring region are displayed. The probability of obtaining each item shows on the round frames in different colors. You can raise the probability of getting advanced items by assigning a higher class employee.
2) Staff : Place a staff to the exploring region. Press Menu> Staff > Staff Placement> Trip
* You must to assign a staff to the expedition party to go on an expedition!
* The number of explorer you can send increases as you increase Regional Level.
3) Friend's Explorer : You can hire a friend's explorer to your expedition if your friend accepts Explorer Request you sent.
4) Tools : The requiring tool(s) to explore on that region are displayed. You can use Rubies to continue your expedition if you don't have expedition tools.
The Expedition settings can be set in the Menu> Staff > Staff Placement> Trip
※ Bennie’s Tip!
The probability of obtaining high-quality ingredients & materials will be higher if the staff has a higher probability of obtaining advanced items.
Press i for the staff’s information.
Also more number of staffs you send to exploring regions, the higher chance of obtaining rewards you'll have.
Building good relationships with your friends who can happily accept your Explorer Request will be a great help to your journey!
You can request an explorer by pressing [EXPLORE] on the top right corner of a friend's restaurant.
> You can ask your friend for an explorer 10 times a day!
> You can ask each friend once a day!
> You can't send a request if all of your friend's explorers are on other friends' expedition or his/hers, and if he/she has not assigned any explore on Trip tab!
Once the expedition is completed, there's this rewarding treasure box ready to open! :D
Get high-quality ingredients & materials through expedition and try cooking Advanced Dishes!
* Utilize Jeddah’s Expedition Team!
If you’re stuck at asking your friend an explorer, you can hire one of his explorers at some expenses.

4. Expedition +5
4. Expedition
Manager Benny
Manager Benny Manager Benny
LV.23 GameManager 2years

2. General Recipe

Hi Chef! It's Benny again.
Do you wanna get into cooking session with me today?
Well then, gear up to be a professional restaurant chef from now on!
1. Get the stove ready!
First, buy a stove & start cooking.
(Go to Stores > Furnitures > Kitchen> you can purchase from Cooker)
※ Bennie’s Tip!
Number of cooktops available for cooking are limited depending on your level.
Touch the recipe book icon to start cooking once the cooktop has been installed.
You can see a list of recipes you can cook or learn when you touch the icon.
More recipes can be obtained while going through fairy tale episodes.
Shall we make <Tri-Pizza> now?
1) Ingredients you need
2) Shows recipe level and mastery progress
3) Time to completion
4) EXP gained after cooking + coins gained after sold out
You can raise the mastery of a certain recipe every time you complete cooking.
You can upgrade your recipe to the next level by raising all mastery at that level.
FYI: You'll get one free Ruby & Reputation when you upgrade the recipe to the next level!
2. Buy ingredients!
We're trying to cook but...don't have all ingredients ready :'(
The ingredients you need are available at Food Store.
You can order general ingredients at Food Store.
If you meet certain requirements, you can increase order quantity with Gold.
Wouldn't it be convenient if you could order a lot of ingredients at once?
※ Please move the ingredients to the Storage once the delivery is complete.
3. Time to serve the dishes!
We finally learned all cooking procedures.
The dishes will be moved to the shelf immediately once they're complete from the cooktop and ready to be served to the customers.
1) More Please! : You'll receive bonus Gold if you succeed consecutive serving combos.
2) Beverages : You'll receive exploratory items at random chance when you serve customers a beverage.
Beverages can be made using Energy from the Drink Stand.
※ Benny’s Tip!
Energy will be recovered as time goes even if you consumed them all.
Otherwise you can use Energy Packs to restore Energy instantly.

2. General Recipe +2
2. General Recipe
Manager Benny
Manager Benny Manager Benny
LV.23 GameManager 2years

5. Order Request

Hey, I'm Evan, wandering the world in search of the best restaurant.
I've come this far to ask you a special favor, Chef.
Today, I'll tell you how to complete Order Request!
Order Requests can be accepted from [ORDER] on the right side of the screen or from the Order Request Board next to Evan.
There is a time limit from the time you've opened Order Request.
You'll receive rewards if you've sent the ship for departure with all the requested items from the client packed within the time limit.
So, everything seems to be wrapped up now...
Still have insufficient items? Don't worry!
Follow these ways when you don't have enough items to complete Order Request!
1) Get the items you need from a friend's Market Stand or Market News.
2) Request your friends for items you need.
Your friend can help you supplying the requested items on Order Request at my restaurant!
You can also help your friend's Order Request by visiting your friend's restaurant.
You can randomly get either Normal/Special Recruit Ticket when you help your friend’s Order Request. You can use the collected tickets to draw staff(s).
Don’t forget to say thank you on your friend’s Guestbook who has helped completing your Order Request!
You’ll earn Order Sheet Points (PT) when you complete your Order Request. You can purchase items from Point Mall.
Note: items at Point Mall will be switched to different ones in 12 hours. So, get the item you want before it’s gone!
Hope you got some ideas from my explanation about Order Request.
"Don't hesitate to ask me anytime you need my help!" – Evan

5. Order Request
5. Order Request
Manager Benny
Manager Benny Manager Benny
LV.23 GameManager 2years

3. Fairy Tale Episodes & Special Guests

Special Stories only exclusive at My Secret Bistro!
Let’s find out episodes and expeditions with notable fairy tale characters!
As you proceed through episodes, you'll be meeting various fairy tale characters!
The main characters of the episode will come to your restaurant as special guests when an episode opens and you can check out the new region on the World Map.
Look! Mr.Dwarf came to our restaurant~!!
* New regions will be revealed to explore depending on the episode progress.
You can get Hearts from special guests once they finished their meals.
The number of Hearts you can get per day will be increased when you increase the level of a certain recipe each special guest likes.
Each guest's favorite food differ depending on the guest's Affinity Level and you check Affinity Levels on the World Map!
You can find out which recipe needs to level up on the World Map!
The number of Hearts received increases the town's Affinity Level which leads to the opening of new regions to explore!
You can check out region's and each resident's Affinity Levels on the World Map.
Start out a true expedition to new regions once you've stacked up enough Affinity Levels to the residents.

3. Fairy Tale Episodes & Special Guests +1
3. Fairy Tale Episodes & Special Guests
Manager Benny
Manager Benny Manager Benny
LV.23 GameManager 2years