can't wait . how about you

LV.5 Bamboozled 7mo

Need more sea of thieves items in the shop fr what are your ideas?

LV.5 Carry Me 7mo

Should I Get This Game?

Hey Sea of Thieves moot community/people who read this. I watched Summit play SoT before he started mostly roleplay. I watched him play it alot and it's seems super fun. I'm planning on getting a Gaming PC in summer. I was wondering if I should add SoT to my games list to get. I would like to know from people that have played /plays it.

LV.6 Champion 7mo


exp is looking to sign new players within the next month, dm @realexpacc on twitter for the requirements.

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Every noob


Free weekend event were anyone can play for free Friday to sunday.

Noobies mind : the bigger the boat the bigger the gold .

Reality : solo gallion crashes instantly.

LV.5 Bamboozled 8mo


Add JarvisDaGinger

LV.3 Lurker 8mo

Skeleton Ships

Why is it a fricking thing that skeleton Ships can spawn on one person sloops?!? I had just dug up 4 chests and just left the island for not even 10 seconds when the music started up.

I didn't have that many supplies and the whole 10 mins I was just repairing bucketing and firing cannons until I ran out + I couldn't even make it to the Outpost even though it was so close because of the anchorballs that they were spamming, so frustrated rn....

LV.18 Pokémon Master 8mo

A enemy ship attacks you when you're doing a skeleton fort

LV.4 Lurker 8mo

Bored af

Anyone wanna play together and help a new player out

LV.5 Lurker 8mo

Im kinda new

Im kinda new and I just wanna play with someone who can help me

LV.5 Lurker 8mo

Athena Grind

Need 2 pirate legends

LV.4 Lurker 8mo

My Screenshots 🏝

- Feel free to use some of these as backgrounds / for your own personal needs

LV.12 Wolf 8mo

Steps of thieves,💀🆘

LV.7 Nomad 8mo

Need 1 pirate legend

Need a pirate legend for an Athena voyage. I'm currently a lvl 48 in everything and a 5 in Athena's Voyage just want to lvl up with a crew and have fun my gamertag is AnderX 125 on Xbox

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This is a new sea of theives clan fell free to join our discord

LV.24 Wolf 8mo

Who’s pumped

Who’s pumped up for April 30ths Update???

LV.8 Elite Four 8mo

Who’s a pirate legend???

Comment if your a pirate legend

LV.8 Elite Four 8mo

Hype for arena

LV.3 Lurker 8mo


Can’t wat for the one year update!

LV.13 Wolf 8mo

Just got the game!

Too bad I forgot that one needs xbox live to play. :/

LV.14 Professional Noob 8mo


can you tell me should i buy this game in 2019🤔

LV.7 Try Hard 8mo

Two Year Old Trolls Streamer Dad

for more funny stream clips.

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oooo ya

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The stress is real


LV.5 Assassin 8mo

We all now its true

LV.5 Assassin 8mo


Anyone know what week we are on for the insider awards?

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Why aren’t there anything related to sea of thieves in the moot shop??

LV.8 Elite Four 8mo

Not my spices

My heath,things are getting spicy

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Well this sucks

LV.4 Lurker 8mo

What to expect me to post. 🐟

On the General Feed i will be posting new news such as Missions, Ship customization and new content updates which come to the game . Possibly i can evern be posting little riddles / secrets that i find in the game 💀.

- Consider Following to see the news first!

~ LeeWhizz

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