Gaming community?

So I’ve had this idea for awhile and I’ve tried presenting it on other platforms. I want to start a group of fellow gamers with the sole purpose of squad forming. So a diverse group of console and PC players that interact regularly on discord. With the goal of one person becoming interested in a new game and realizing that having a squad is almost necessary or would make for a better experience. That person can than hop on our discord and find other gamers that they already regularly converse with and are comfortable with to join them in whatever new game they are wanting to start. So overall a community of gamers that are friendly and willing to explore new gaming experiences with other like minded gamers. . If anyone is interested feel free to join the discord or message me directly

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Flying Sloop

Launching a sloop up in the air with a stronghold barrel 😂

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Pretty sure we just made a new player uninstall.... OOPS

A sloop spawned on the same outpost my crew was on so we decided to sail his ship away from the outpost to troll him. Later, I came up with the bright idea to wait for his game to load up and spawn kill him. We camped in the corner of a tavern with our blunderbusses while we waited for him to spawn in. A few seconds later a default player with no title spawns in and we all simultaneously blast him into the corner. Who knew you could spawn kill in Sea of Thieves 😂😂😂

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Developer Update - 8.1.19


Video Link:

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Pirate Legend?

Now that the game is getting old how many people are actually pirate legends out of the community (I’m still only level 30, I’ve been there from the start 😂)

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This game is too fun

if u haven’t played this game before then u have to play it now

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Official Weekly Stream - 7.30.19

Another week, another Official stream from the Sea of Thieves team. This one is all about Tall Tale # 6, Art of the Trickster. Enjoy!

Video Link:

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Clapped by everything possible

So I’m really late to this game but I have been improving lately. This was proven when my cousin and I got whopped by almost everything there is to get attacked by while on a voyage. After we collect the skulls, we first run into the kraken but manage to damage and escape. After escaping the kraken, a galleon comes along trying to attack us (on a sloop btw). Luckily we fought back pretty well and they didn’t want the smoke so they left. After that we run into a purple megalodon. On the rest of the journey we end up running into a skeleton ship and TWO other purple megalodon and end up killing one and slapping it in our skillet. Long story short we prevailed despite being attacked by everyone and their momma. It was a real proud moment for us :)

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Megladon pictures

I took these back when the game first came out

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Rebuilding our empire!

Calling ALL people interested in joining an Xbox live clan. We accept everyone. People who want to become crafters, merchants, officers, soldiers and most importantly family. we have few requirements to join. Help regrow our empire with our fellow brothers and sisters and reap the spoils of war! We are known as The Forgotten Sentinels! Pm me for more details. 15 and older! Is our age requirement

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Anniversary update

How are y’all liking the new items adventures and battle royal? Been a SOThiever since launch last year. I think it’s in a good direction

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24hrs Stream!!!!

Hi everyone,
We are live doing a 24hrs stream on Mixer playing Sea of Thieves! Want to join the adventure and find X to your desires! Then join us!

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Yeah storytime is a bit different to day this happend when I was playing sea of thieves and yeah they weren’t very smart

1 cannon ball left
1 big megladon
Random kid: it’s ok I have really good aim
3 seconds later shoots away from megladon
Me: oh u stupid retard now we only have harpoons
Other team mate leaves cause he’s scared
Then random kid shoots harpoon no where near megladon
Then I hop in cannon and shoot my self to an island 🌴
Random kid: WHAT ARE U DOING!!!!!
Me:I’m abandoning ship cause u suck at firing cannons and harpoons
That’s the story of how I left my stupid crew to fight a megladon by themselves

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Anyone know if pets are coming in and if so what are they?

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Developer Update - 7.23.19


I knew I forgot something when I got distracted by the Twitch Rivals streams...


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When your next friend steers

Friend:let me drive!

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Sea of Thieves servers dead

Anyone else not see anyone anymore?

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Can we accept that fishing is the best feature😂

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Is it like POTCO but better?

Building a brand new pc and I am a big pirates of the Caribbean online player, is this game similar at all? I would assume much better.

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Started off slow, now we here

SOT is one of the incredible games out at the moment. Get a few friends together and sail the seas, causing havoc amongst the community and stealing booty. Absolute hours of fun :)

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Anyone know what pets are coming

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Twitch Rivals comes to Sea of Thieves


23rd-24th July 2019 - $100,000 in prizes

Prepare for a pirate clash of epic proportions! We’ve joined forces with Twitch Rivals to bring you a series of unforgettable contests in The Arena, featuring some of the biggest names and toughest pirates to ever sail the Sea of Thieves.

Video Link:


Taking place from July 23rd-24th 2019, the Twitch Rivals Sea of Thieves Showdown is a series of four distinct contests starring some of the world’s best-known streamers and Sea of Thieves Arena players, each battling for a share of a true pirate fortune: $100,000 in prize money.

Cannons will roar, blades will sing and cutting remarks will almost certainly be made during this no-holds-barred Arena encounter, so be sure to tune in and catch the mayhem live on Twitch for a chance to score some plunder of your own!

Page Link:


There’s no telling what will happen once our star crews enter The Arena, so you’ll want to be there to find out. You can watch the broadcast live on either the official Twitch Rivals channel or Sea of Thieves’ very own channel.

Twitch Rivals:

Sea of Thieves:

If the thought of that pirate prize money has you itching to snare some loot of your own, we can help with that: simply connect your Twitch and Sea of Thieves accounts and watch a minimum of one Arena contest on the channels above.

Watch on July 23rd to receive the Obsidian Figurehead and Obsidian Hull.
Tune in again on July 24th and the Obsidian Sail and Obsidian Flag could be yours too!


You’ll need to link your Twitch account to your Sea of Thieves account in order to earn the loot while watching the streams, so don’t forget!

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See da memes I'm bored

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Developer Update - 7.17.19



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Content Update: Black Powder Stashes


“Black Powder Stashes have arrived on the Sea of Thieves! These special new Voyages are the centrepiece of the first in our ongoing series of Monthly Content Updates, and will be available to all players from today.

Black Powder Stashes Voyages can be obtained from Duke in any tavern, and task pirates with retrieving gunpowder caches hidden across the Sea of Thieves by skellies who have mischief in mind. There are two Voyage variants – Reaper's Black Powder Runs and Black Powder Smuggler's Runs – and recovered stashes can be turned in to the Order of Souls, Merchant Alliance or Gold Hoarders for a reward of coin and reputation. Pirate Legends can cash in with Athena's Fortune too! Completing voyages will earn new Commendations, unlock new Titles and an exclusive Reaper sail, flag and Mercenary figurehead for your ship. Want a little taster?”

Video Link:

But that's not all you'll find in the Monthly Content Update for July, so make sure you jump into Sea of Thieves and read the full news posting here:

Also, the patch notes:

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Does anyone still play Sea of Thieves?

So i got to try it out for a bit with the game pass I had for Xbox and I really loved it but I never really understood much or how to keep progressing being a bot as usual lol but I really would like to get the game but does anyone even play anymore?

I’m an Xbox user btw (:

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[Suggestion] The ability to save your progress in a Tall Tale.

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His name is Finley

Best fish in the game!

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Developer Update - 7.10.19



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Official Weekly Stream - 7.9.19


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