alphanova22 alphanova22 LV.2 Lurker
Mar 11, 2019, 05:25 PM 344 read


I spawned into 7 different games today and I played all day. Each game I spent a great amount of time looting and finishing quests and voyages and getting lots of chests and what not. LITERALLY EVERY SINGLE GAME as soon as we hit an outpost we were sabotaged by a larger ship or crew and lost all of our loot. 7 times. 2 things: 1 for those of you who play and are these frustrating players that just take all of everyone’s hard earned loot by taking advantage of the broken 2 shot kill of the game you’re trash and childish. I understand it’s a game about pirates but gosh dang there are alliances for a reason and also your own dang quests to complete. 2: does anyone have any pointers as to how to combat when this happens? I normally just try and sell as much loot as possible before I die or the ship sinks but that hasnt been working. Personally I think they should make it harder to die. Or have a passive gameplay mode like gta.

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