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Mar 7, 2019, 02:54 AM 256 read

Let’s discuss the megalodon

So, ever since I learned how to even keep the megalodon at your boat I’ve been hunting it. One time (Not exaggerating/Lying) I got 3 in a row and I have defeated them all (have the titles to prove) there was hungering one, shadowmaw, and ancient one. Now, I understand to (probably) most of you that this isn’t a hard thing to do, but for me it was quite the accomplishment. Anyways, the ancient one (“hardest” one out of the three”) died quicker that the hungering one (“easiest”) so I’m pretty sure it was a bug and I want them to fix that, But the actual thing is that their spawn rate needs to be fixed because,like i said, I fought three in a row and it was annoying. Don’t get me wrong I loved having all that loot but it was irritating especially by the final one we fought (shadowmaw) when we had barely any supplies like planks and cannon balls. That’s my thoughts on the megalodon

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