PretzelStick14 PretzelStick14 LV.4 Lurker
Mar 5, 2019, 08:11 AM 340 read

Let’s discuss gunpowder barrel skeletons

Skeleton are simplistic and not that hard but after the about year and a half after having this game deleted I have came back to the skeletons and seeing this thing kind of... frustrates me. Don’t get me wrong i like the whole idea but these thing are annoying and sometimes hard to escape and can cause easy death and annoyance EXAMPLE: my friend was digging and I saw skeleton with a barrel running at him so before he could stop digging to run it blew up and killed him. The only ways I know to avoid these things are to 1. Jump of a cliff and 2. Jump into the water. Also these things shouldn’t be able to simply put out the ignite when they ignite it because it’s annoying how after running away from it you still have to deal with it. My note to developers (if they see this, I have my doubts they will,) nerf gunpowder skeletons.

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