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My Name is Makura and my friend and I created a discord recently. We are looking for people to join! We have chats for many games including; Rocket League, League of Legends, Rainbow Six Siege, Sea of Thieves, Destiny 2, and Minecraft! We have music bots and voice channels to watch anime and tv together. We also support small content creators! Come advertise your stream in our live now chats! We have Pokemon and Dungeon RPG game rooms!           Besides general members, we also need a few admins. We would like to have 2 administrators per region, so 2 NA and 2 EU. If you are interested in being an admin please dm on discord! マクラー返し#0510       This discord is solely to bring people together and act as a community! We do not offer any esports teams, we will hold tournaments in the future, but they will solely be casual and for-fun. Please do not be offensive or rude.       Thanks for reading!   ;Makura       (Plz dm me on discord for an invite Makura 戦士#0510 I most likely wont respond on here!)

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