SoullessSparrow1195 LV.7 Let’s play OW!
Jul 24, 2020, 10:53 PM 224 read

A new guild type of thing

I want to have a some people to play Sea of Thieves with and I think so do many others. I'm thinking off making a guild type of thing where we play SoT, whether competitively in arena or for the fun of adventure mode. This will be for players new and old, whatever age, whatever gender, everyone is welcome. Whatever you're interests or hobbies, I'm sure you'll find someone with similar tastes. Whether you watch anime, read books, take part in sports or just play games all day every day, I'm sure there will be other people with the same interests. If you're interested in joining just message me and once I've completed this discord server that I'm making for this, I will invite you. Guild name ideas are also appreciated, as I have no clue what to name it.

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