Finally killed a megeladon I'm still trash asf

Ps.i had a crew 😂 #TrashASF

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If anyone needs any help just lemme know, I’ll do my best

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Check out my YouTube video

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Figured I’d draw Summit’s Jack Sparrow cosplay. I understand it’s bad. Monkas😂

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Lack Of Content When you keep playing

I’m not hating on the game I love it to pieces but when you play it for a week strait and get to pirate legend and have all sets of clothing, it gets easily as boring as a Fortnite game. It’s a good game but over time it gets repetitive like get the cheats bring it back then get new customization. What are your thought do you agree or disagree let me know tell me in the comments and and up vote would be appreciated.

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Free sea of thieves codes

Just comment I have two

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Is this game worth getting, right now I'm looking at it and I think there isnt alot to do, change my mind!

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SoT Follower Play

If I were to squad up with followers in SoT, on either console, would you spread the word about my profile and hop in with me?

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Is the game worth getting?

If so tell me why

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Any news?

What's up for the future of sea of thieves? Just seems a bit empty

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Come sub

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I have 2 extra sea of thives friends play free codes!! Have fun

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When You see Two skeleton ships and You have a Legendary chest

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Free play

If your on Xbox you can play free for like a week

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Does anybody have any leaks coming to sea of thieves like new ships

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Crew Needed!

In doing forts/mercenary quests/and normal voyages

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Have you heard of something that will change the sea of thieves he play

I only have one thing to say apparently there will be A SIX MAN GALLEON.

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So close to affiliate!!

Hey guys I’m so close to affiliate, come hang out and help me reach my long awaited goal!! 😃
see you soon!❤️

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Anything new?

I heard there will be a new ship that still needs to be announced, idk if it's confirmed but does anyone know if anything else will be added?

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Sea of thives be like...

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Sea of Thieves Free Trial Starts This Week

Sea of Thieves has experienced a resurgence over the last month. This has been the result of several free content expansions and renewed attention from popular Twitch streamers like Summit1G. Starting today, Sea of Thieves owners and Xbox Game Pass subscribers will be able to invite up to 3 friends to play for free. There is also some new limited content that seems to act as a bit of a welcome mission for these new players to complete alongside their trusty guides.
For the full story click here:
And to check out the rest of The Daily Moot click below:

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when will the servers be back up

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Can I Get some people to come and subscribe to me

TT Batz

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My dad is a troll 😂

So my dad joins in a game after comin get me from school and I’m reading a book and all I hear is a loud *** laugh and I said “OMG WHAT HAPPEND!” So I get up and go over to him and he told me this guy has a weird accent and he says south like souf. So my dad said hey guys let’s go souf. I died. Sorry just had to share if you like this please comment and upvote 🏴‍☠️ 💀

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I was playing and my friend told I was good to keep going forward so then I crashed into the island I thought of the sponge bob show when he was like keep going your good your good your good until he the boat had nothing left!! SMH

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Decent Crew Needed

Level 30 in all factions and higher English speaking and mic optional. Sya on Xbox at SexyCabbage69 (I'm 14)

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Good tips?

If you guys have any good tips for me, that would be greatly appreciated.

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SoT Cosmetics

I need a good outfit to save up for, any suggestions. If so I need the name, location and how to get it. Thank you.

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