Kraken spawning

Is it just me or does the kraken spawn WAAAAY more frequently in The Wilds than any other place??

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Ran out of xbox live can anyone be a LEGEND and give me a free xbox live code

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Sea of Thieves (2018)

LV.3 Wild West 3mo


I spawned into 7 different games today and I played all day. Each game I spent a great amount of time looting and finishing quests and voyages and getting lots of chests and what not. LITERALLY EVERY SINGLE GAME as soon as we hit an outpost we were sabotaged by a larger ship or crew and lost all of our loot. 7 times.

2 things: 1 for those of you who play and are these frustrating players that just take all of everyoneโ€™s hard earned loot by taking advantage of the broken 2 shot kill of the game youโ€™re trash and childish. I understand itโ€™s a game about pirates but gosh dang there are alliances for a reason and also your own dang quests to complete.

2: does anyone have any pointers as to how to combat when this happens? I normally just try and sell as much loot as possible before I die or the ship sinks but that hasnt been working. Personally I think they should make it harder to die. Or have a passive gameplay mode like gta.

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March 20th update

What do you guys think will come in the "mega update" on March 20th.

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21 Captain Chest :)

Can anyone go higher? I'd like to see :) not saying im the best. Just a friendly challenge. See how many captains chest you can get on your boat!

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Hope everyone is having a good day.

LV.10 Big Chungus 3mo

Anybody wanna join me and me mate?

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Pirate legends

What specialty do u think there only giving to legends before March 20th

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Level 100 parking skills๐Ÿ’ฏ๐Ÿ˜‚

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Got Bored In School So I Made This ๐Ÿ™ƒ

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Next Update Thoughts

On March 20th Rare will be bringing a new update for sea of thieves . Now we know that โ€˜The Arenaโ€™ is coming but what else

- Leave thoughts in the comments

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Looking for discord members

We play many games including Sea of thieves Red dead and many more

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How does everyone feel about Fortnite taking even more content from Sea Of Thieves?

They have literally got such a similar art style and then Fortnite took the actual freaking game concept as an add-on

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Wandering Reaper Cosmetics โ˜ ๏ธ

Probably one of the most time-taking cosmetics to get in the game atm ๐Ÿ˜‚

- Price - 5~15 doubloons for each cosmetic

- Looks - 8/10

- Difficulty - 9/10

- Whats ur thoughts on the new ship cosmetic?

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Bedroom idea?๐Ÿง

LV.7 Elite Four 4mo

Very nice

Love it happend to love pirates

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When does SOT the arena come out?

Title says it all really. Just wanted to know if anyone had a rough date so I can finally convince my friends to start playing again

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Letโ€™s discuss the megalodon

So, ever since I learned how to even keep the megalodon at your boat Iโ€™ve been hunting it. One time (Not exaggerating/Lying) I got 3 in a row and I have defeated them all (have the titles to prove) there was hungering one, shadowmaw, and ancient one. Now, I understand to (probably) most of you that this isnโ€™t a hard thing to do, but for me it was quite the accomplishment. Anyways, the ancient one (โ€œhardestโ€ one out of the threeโ€) died quicker that the hungering one (โ€œeasiestโ€) so Iโ€™m pretty sure it was a bug and I want them to fix that, But the actual thing is that their spawn rate needs to be fixed because,like i said, I fought three in a row and it was annoying. Donโ€™t get me wrong I loved having all that loot but it was irritating especially by the final one we fought (shadowmaw) when we had barely any supplies like planks and cannon balls. Thatโ€™s my thoughts on the megalodon

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Anyone want to play?

Mic kindof required and if u dont want to play with me its okay, just a heads up im 14 but still know what im doing

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Shop selection

I have some questions about the ships in sea of Thieves does a galeon with Sails perfectly placed move Faster then a sloop with it's says perfectly placed i wouls love if somebody could explain it to me

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Hey is the update today???

LV.7 Elite Four 4mo

Can I get help

How do you beat the Kraken?!?

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Sooo Salty Players..

Im kinda disgusted by the amount of saltiness on SoT atm. Back when the game released we had such a friendly community with players who respected each other in the rite way .. but now thats gone. Up-post if u miss this ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ

LV.12 Wolf 4mo

Letโ€™s discuss gunpowder barrel skeletons

Skeleton are simplistic and not that hard but after the about year and a half after having this game deleted I have came back to the skeletons and seeing this thing kind of... frustrates me. Donโ€™t get me wrong i like the whole idea but these thing are annoying and sometimes hard to escape and can cause easy death and annoyance EXAMPLE: my friend was digging and I saw skeleton with a barrel running at him so before he could stop digging to run it blew up and killed him. The only ways I know to avoid these things are to 1. Jump of a cliff and 2. Jump into the water. Also these things shouldnโ€™t be able to simply put out the ignite when they ignite it because itโ€™s annoying how after running away from it you still have to deal with it. My note to developers (if they see this, I have my doubts they will,) nerf gunpowder skeletons.

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Rainbow six siege

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Is this a glitch or not??

LV.4 Try Hard 4mo

Looking for 1-2 18+ mic required

Want to hit pirate legend before the 20th so we wanna grind some forts. Also need a few more skeleton ships as well. Would like someone who knows what they are doing

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Need some peopple to have fun and make money

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Two pirate sloop and we fought and won the kraken.

So sorry if it seems Iโ€™m โ€œbraggingโ€ just got excited. Not really that hard looking at it now...

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