Looking for squad !

Solo player looking for a squad 🔑

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It may be dead but...

This game may be dead but I still enjoy playing it and I was wondering if anyone else might wanna play I'm really low level and I need help doing voyages to level up


Also I don't have a mic😔😔

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Tall Tales - Shores of Gold Cinematic Trailer


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Tall Tales : Shores of Gold Stream in 20 mins!

Hop on mixer, youtube or twitch to view it soon!

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Waiting for update ...

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Why are the skeletons so accurate, i can be on my ship and get shot by a sniper from an island on the other side of the map

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Wanna see everyone's primary weapon

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Does anyone wanna play

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LV.2 Lurker 4mo

Anyone up for just having a fun time? need three people.

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Ebon Flintlock 🖤

- If u watched the Inside Xbox stream on Wednesday you would’ve realised by now u have a Ebon Flintlock in your weapon case
- Thanks Rare and Inside Xbox for this cheeky wee gift ❤️

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Open it up

Loosen up a bit Microsoft, people on other platforms with smaller wallets would play this game too.

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I'm pretty new to the game and I kinda know the ropes already due to my friend that is already good at the game, but I would love to see like tips from people that have played the game for a while and to see the opinions people have for me and other new players.

LV.5 Monster 4mo

Little community?

Not a whole lot of posts here. Let’s try to boost the community!

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Anyone wanna make a crew

I need 3 people if you wanna play add me and dm

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Need a crew

Plz join

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pls drop this game for ps4!!!!

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Doesn’t this game take like an hour to load

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The sea of theives gods have praised me

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Behind the Scenes: Expanded Ship Damage & Creating The Arena

“Senior Designer Andrew joins our host Jon to blow open this new Anniversary Update feature, set to arrive on April 30th alongside The Arena, The Hunter's Call and Tall Tales - Shores of Gold.”


“Jon sits down with Creative Director Gregg to talk about our new competitive mode, The Arena! Coming to all Sea of Thieves players as part of the free Anniversary update on April 30th.”

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Sea of Thieves Anniversary Update will be Massive

Sea of Thieves has received a chain of free content updates since the game released, but the anniversary update slated for April 30th will be the biggest one yet. The biggest additions included in the update are The Arena and Tall Tales. The Arena is a competitive match that pits teams of players against one another and Tall Tales are a new campaign-type mission coming to the game. This whole update sounds pretty sweet and like always it will be completely free to Sea of Thieves owners.
For the full story click here:
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can't wait . how about you

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Need more sea of thieves items in the shop fr what are your ideas?

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Should I Get This Game?

Hey Sea of Thieves moot community/people who read this. I watched Summit play SoT before he started mostly roleplay. I watched him play it alot and it's seems super fun. I'm planning on getting a Gaming PC in summer. I was wondering if I should add SoT to my games list to get. I would like to know from people that have played /plays it.

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exp is looking to sign new players within the next month, dm @realexpacc on twitter for the requirements.

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Every noob


Free weekend event were anyone can play for free Friday to sunday.

Noobies mind : the bigger the boat the bigger the gold .

Reality : solo gallion crashes instantly.

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Add JarvisDaGinger

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Skeleton Ships

Why is it a fricking thing that skeleton Ships can spawn on one person sloops?!? I had just dug up 4 chests and just left the island for not even 10 seconds when the music started up.

I didn't have that many supplies and the whole 10 mins I was just repairing bucketing and firing cannons until I ran out + I couldn't even make it to the Outpost even though it was so close because of the anchorballs that they were spamming, so frustrated rn....

LV.18 Pokémon Master 4mo

A enemy ship attacks you when you're doing a skeleton fort

LV.4 Lurker 5mo

Bored af

Anyone wanna play together and help a new player out

LV.5 Lurker 5mo