Level Up/Make Money

When it comes to leveling up and making money, what is the best way to do so? Should you hunt ghost ship/kraken/megalodon, or take down the top tier fortresses, or even fighting other players?

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Someone elaborate for me.

I been thinking about this game,maybe im confused about it,is yhis game like Mario Party?

LV.13 Bloodhound Main 6mo

Games I play

Cool don’t you think

LV.2 Lurker 6mo

Had to solo a Meg today, was not the most fun 30 minutes of my life

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Ashen Athena Haul

This is all the loot from one Ashen Athena run. Aside from a ghost ship and a few side quest all is from the Athena quest. Around 50k total.

LV.15 Shotcaller 6mo

Five Ship Alliance

Ran a Brig with the boys tonight and ended up in a five ship alliance. Four pictured about while one was on an Athena. Let’s just say it was a big RIP to that fort.

LV.15 Shotcaller 6mo

Hired hand

anyone need help on sea of thieves I'm willing to help I just need $0 an hour

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Just want someone to chill with

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New clan coming soon

Attention: Im Trying to start a Brand new Ps4/Xbox one with new usernames and start a YouTube channel this clan will be to support cancer/ Other diseases out there we we'll donate to different hospitals/charity an the money that we get from tournaments etc portion of money will go to charity/hospitals start from the Bottom To the Top and get famous as Faze Optic etc. If your interested in helping start a brand new clan Message me Looking for a Leader Co Leader recruiters to Help Run a clan new beginning so if you want to be in a clan to become big in the future
Must have HeadSet
18 & up Only
Must be able to travel for tournaments
GFX needed
Video &website editer
Must be active on Clan Account if not you'll be Kicked
Must help the clan and be useful
Co Leader Recruiters Leaders Trainers Needed
Must be able to work as a team
Females & Males
No Clan Hopping
Matures not immatures
Must be able to communicate
If you can't follow rules then don't hmu
KIK Me for more Details ITz.B4DB0Y < is a Zero
Add BadBoySilva ps4

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Need Help with Voice Chat

I really like this game but something is wrong with my vc. I can neither hear nor talk to my crew and I'm not sure how to fix it. Voice chat works with other games so I think it has something to do with the Xbox app.

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Looking for a Crew

Looking to have tons of pirate adventures. I am just starting out and my voice chat in game won't work so I wanna create a group of regulars to use discord and hang out on the ocean. (Also if u know how to fix vc please help me out)

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Looking for some people to do mercenary quest with

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So um.. I'm so close to pirate legend and I was wondering if anyone who did have pirate legend could at least open the stair case so I can get Athena's quests my Xbox user is Wuby959

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Finally killed a megeladon I'm still trash asf

Ps.i had a crew 😂 #TrashASF

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If anyone needs any help just lemme know, I’ll do my best

LV.3 Try Hard 6mo

Check out my YouTube video

LV.13 Bamboozled 6mo

Figured I’d draw Summit’s Jack Sparrow cosplay. I understand it’s bad. Monkas😂

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Lack Of Content When you keep playing

I’m not hating on the game I love it to pieces but when you play it for a week strait and get to pirate legend and have all sets of clothing, it gets easily as boring as a Fortnite game. It’s a good game but over time it gets repetitive like get the cheats bring it back then get new customization. What are your thought do you agree or disagree let me know tell me in the comments and and up vote would be appreciated.

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Free sea of thieves codes

Just comment I have two

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Is this game worth getting, right now I'm looking at it and I think there isnt alot to do, change my mind!

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SoT Follower Play

If I were to squad up with followers in SoT, on either console, would you spread the word about my profile and hop in with me?

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Is the game worth getting?

If so tell me why

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Any news?

What's up for the future of sea of thieves? Just seems a bit empty

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Come sub

LV.5 Lurker 6mo

I have 2 extra sea of thives friends play free codes!! Have fun

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When You see Two skeleton ships and You have a Legendary chest

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Free play

If your on Xbox you can play free for like a week

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Does anybody have any leaks coming to sea of thieves like new ships

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