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[NOTICE] March 23 (Tue) Pre-Update Announcement

GrandChase - GLOBAL DE: Mitteilungen - [NOTICE] March 23 (Tue) Pre-Update Announcement   image 1

Übersetzungen kommen noch. Entschuldigen Sie die Unannehmlichkeiten   Hello, Chasers!   We are planning on a balance patch for Heroes in the update next week, and wanted to let everyone know about the upcoming changes.   Further details will be in a forthcoming announcement at a later date. We hope everyone looks forward to it!   ■ Balance adjusted for the following Heroes. Heroes Adjusted: - Assault: Elesis, Europa, Lass, Sieghart, Dio, Kanavan, Edel - Tank: Tia, Ryan, Jin, Ronan - Mage: Nelia, Veigas, Arme, Ley - Ranger: Rufus, Lire, Werner, Io - Healer: Rin, Grandiel, Serdin   As always, these announcements will be made available to everyone via Moot, so check back regularly!   Chase On! -GrandChase Team  

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