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[EVENT] Job Change Update

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Hello Chasers!   The New Jobs Update in October is slowly approaching~   ■ What are the New Jobs? These are new jobs for existing heroes, allowing existing heroes to turn into a new class that they were previously unable to take on. With the class change, they will be equipped with new weapons and new appearances. They will also have a new set of skills to take on a new role.   Are you curious how the New Job Hero will stand in front of you when they are released? (´・∀・`)   Ready or not, we’ve prepared a quiz event before the new jobs make their appearance 💖   The Quiz Event will be broken down into 5 stages, each released every Tuesday! Every time a new quiz comes out, players will be able to know the answer to the previous one!   The participating heroes will also get a participation reward. The more participating heroes, the bigger the rewards! Also, we will be going through a lottery to pick out heroes for additional rewards! Make sure not to miss out on this opportunity!   ■ New Job Pre-Release Quiz Event 1♪ 1. Event Period: Western: September 6, 2022 (Tue) 04:00 – September 12, 2022 (Mon) 10:59 (Server Time, UTC-4) Asia: September 6, 2022 (Tue) 17:00 – September 12, 2022 (Mon) 23:59 (Server Time, UTC+9)   2. Event Info: - Only answers submitted through SNS (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) will be considered valid. - Comments under this post will not be counted as valid.   Twitter: https://twitter.com/GrandChaseG/status/1567060670683959297

  Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GrandChaseGlobal/posts/pfbid028VfXnXPi7jT47S2yfdrWHUjnmZUsUSmYxNjqWaVLKxmnvMLiyhTaNeRGe9uYcUQdl   Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/p/CiKGk7eLMZa/   3. Quiz Question:

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New Job ‘Sword Master’ Elesis is planned to be updated in October. Which of the following skills is NOT the skill used by Sword Master Elesis from the original Grand Chase? A) Power Break B) Blade Beam C) Dragon Dive D) Chaos Judgment E) Lance of Spirit   ※ Answers to the quiz will be announced on Western: September 13, 2022 04:00 (Tue) (UTC-4) and Asia: September 13, 2022 17:00 (Tue) (UTC+9)   4. Quiz Reward

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※ All winners will be announced on October 14, 2022 (Fri).   ★ Do not forget! 1. Reply comments made outside the event period will not be counted toward participation 2. Reply comments that contain verbal abuse or inappropriate content will not be counted toward participation 3. Winners will be contacted separately through social media or messenger. Failure to reply to the private message within 5 days will be nullified. 4. Deleting comments while the events are in progress or after the event ends may cause the player to be exempt from the lottery.   Chase On! -GrandChase Team  

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