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[EVENT] Not-So Noir Stories

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Hello, Chasers!   If you’ve got a bit of time to listen, Harpe’s got a story to tell. Once the loyal companion of Ronan Erudon in life, and later the attendant of MyungHwarin of the Underworld in the afterlife, he’s got a story to tell of his past, and how it relates to his life now in the Underworld.   See Harpe’s past with Ronan unfold in a different point of view - and if you get to the end (the beginning?), you’ll earn yourself an exclusive Avatar for Harpe!   Harpe’s trusty little warrior, the S-Rank Pet Habaek can also be earned through accumulative attendance over the course of the Event! ♥ ٩(ˊᗜˋ*)و   ■ Harpe Likability Event! 1. Event Duration: Western: July 20, 2021 (Tue) 00:00 – July 26, 2021 (Mon) 23:59 (Server Time, UTC-4) Asia: July 20, 2021 (Tue) 10:00 – July 27, 2021 (Tue) 09:59 (Server Time, UTC+9)   2. Event Details - First, tap on the Harpe Likability Event Icon on the main lobby screen to access Event UI.

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- Clear Adventure Dungeons with any one or more of your favorite ‘Mage’ Heroes (including Harpe) to get 2x Gold, Monster Cards, and Hero EXP!

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You can see the Event effects on the Dungeon reward screen, so don’t hold back! Remember that Event effects stack with Hot Time, so don’t miss out!   - For 5 days during the Event, you can also get Harpe’s S Rank Pet ‘Habaek’ each day from accumulative attendance rewards! Remember to take them with you! ( ・ิᴥ・ิ)   - Rewards acquired from the Event will be displayed separately on the Rewards list when you clear Adventure Dungeons. - Event effects also apply when you use extra Energy to flip cards! +_+!   ★ Please remember! All Mage-Class Heroes count for this event regardless of Hero Rank.   Hear the story unfold, earn a new avatar for Harpe, and relive some of those feels from the past! ♥   Chase On! -GrandChase Team  

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