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[EVENT] Pre-Registration Event! The Ice Dragon Cometh!

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Hello, Chasers!   You’ve recruited several time-displaced Royals, a few Demons, and a couple of Angels in your adventures, but what about a Dragon? No, we’re not talking about Berkas or those destroyers; we’re talking about the Dragons of the Spirit World!   Tia is the heiress to the Ice Dragon King; her charge is the protection of the Spirit World. What trials wait when she meets the GrandChase in the newest update?! Prepare to freeze all opposition as we celebrate with a Pre-Registration Event beginning December 8th! Join in and get the SR 5-Star Tank Hero Tia for free!

GrandChase - GLOBAL EN: Events - [EVENT] Pre-Registration Event! The Ice Dragon Cometh! image 3

Pre-registration will be made via email registration on the official website.   ▼Pre-registration page URL: URL: https://en.grandchase.net/tia

  ※Pre-registration email will be sent to your registered email. ※Please check your spam mailbox if you haven’t received the email after completing the process.   [Pre-Registration Period] Western: 12.07.2020 20:00 (UTC-5) - 12.28.2020 19:59 (UTC-5) Asia: 2020.12.08 10:00 (UTC+9) - 2020.12.29 09:59 (UTC+9)   ※Tia update pre-registration code can be used from the date of Tia update up to the following dates:   Western: January 11, 2021 09:59 (UTC-5) Asia: January 11, 2021 23:59 (UTC+9)   [Pre-Registration Reward]   Pre-registered users will receive one SR 5-Star Tank Hero Tia for free! After the Tia update on December 22nd, you can access the game and enter the pre-registration code to acquire SR 5-Star Tia!   We’ll also be hosting a number of Events on the pre-registration page. Join in and you stand to win some fabulous prizes! For more details, please refer to the pre-registration page!   A blizzard (of goodies) is coming, Chasers. We hope you’re ready. Thank you for your continued support of the game!   Chase On! -GrandChase Team

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  • rra.mitzu LV.12 Insomniac Dec 11, 2020, 09:28 AM

    Tia redeem 22 December ...

  • Gilbert Suhendra LV.5 Survivor Main Dec 15, 2020, 03:09 PM

    This is Amazing Gift New Character, I like this Gift, Thank you KOG