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Aug 2, 2022, 05:01 PM 1,107 read

[NOTICE] Temporary PVP Restrictions and Reset

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Hello Chasers,   After the August 16, 2022 (Tue) update, the current season of PVP will come to an end and a new season of PVP will begin.   Therefore, entry into PVP will be temporarily restricted beginning the following dates:   Western: August 15, 2022 (Mon) 19:00 (Server Time, UTC-4) until end of maintenance. Asia: August 16, 2022 (Tue) 08:00 (Server Time, UTC+9) until end of maintenance.   Rankings will be locked in at this point and season rewards will be distributed accordingly based on these rankings.   Please keep the details above in mind and we apologize in advance for any inconvenience this may cause.   Thank you.   Chase on! -GrandChase Team

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  • gamer950039608 LV.6 Nomad Aug 3, 2022, 07:56 AM