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[NOTICE] Berkas’ Lair Seasonal Progression Announcement

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Hello, Chasers!   We’ve got some news about Berkas’ Lair! As you may all be aware, this content is Seasonal. The ongoing Season of Berkas’ Lair (Season 2) is scheduled to end on the following dates:   Western: December 20 (Sun), 23:59 (Server Time, UTC-5) Asia: December 20 (Sun), 23:59 (Server Time, UTC+9)   Season 3 will begin on the following dates:   Western: December 21 (Mon), 00:00 (Server Time, UTC-5) Asia: December 21 (Mon), 00:00 (Server Time, UTC+9)   Seasonal Heroes and Mission Rewards will be changed for Season 3, and Ranking Rewards will be reset as well! Take on this new season and be rewarded handsomely!   Please refer to the schedule of the Berkas’ Lair mentioned above, and take on the challenge of The Iron Dragon at your pleasure!   Chase On! -GrandChase Team

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