I want to cancel my payment (AOS)

If you want to refund/cancel your In-App Purchases, please fill out the following and send us a ticket.
■ Inquiry Form
1. Store: Google Play Store
2. Billing account information: (Google Play Store - Google Account)
3. Game Membership No. (15 digits):
4. Nickname:
5. Date of purchase:
6. Amount Paid:
7. Request: Cancel Payment
■ How to send a ticket
Main Screen > Game Settings (Gear) at the top right> Account Information> Customer Center > 1: 1 Inquiry
■ How to check the Game membership No.
* How to check it in the game:
Game Login → Game Setting (gear) → Account Information → See the Game Membership No. (15 digits) at the bottom
* You can check your Membership No. at Menu > Account at the Google Play Store also.
* Please note that the refund will be made only if the request is submitted within 7days from the date of purchase and the items given are not used.
Please note that any refund, payment cancellation, etc., filed in an open market store may result in a sanction such as a login restriction, account bans, etc.

I want to cancel my payment (AOS)
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